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Dec 8, 2008 03:14 PM

Sunday Dinner London

Have a free slot for a dinner in London on a sunday night in january. I've heard good things about the Ledbury but Im tempted by The Capital but have little knowledge about the food.

The list is The Ledbury, The Capital, Arbutus or Wild Honey, Claridge's.

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  1. Initially the river cafe was the place we were going to go but they are closed. Are there any places in london at the moment that are worth going to? anything interesting is welcome

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      the ledbury is the only place ive ever been where the bargain lunch lives up to the dinner menu . Infact when we went for dinner recently we were rather let down , as we had had such a wonderful lunch there last winter that we were sure the dinner would be amazing . Alas it wasnt , though there was nothing wrong with any of it , just doesnt live in the memory , no dishes that made you crave more .
      If you go to the capital i would love to hear what you think , i too have never quite got there, but always wanted to give it a try even if its supposed to be a little austere ,i heard the food is excellent , its the kind of place we would go to for lunch with our daughter but they dont allow little ones .
      Arbutus and wild honey are both solid , value places , i like both . Arbutus is 5 min walk but wild honey looks a little nicer inside so im indifferent .
      Ihavent been back to ramsays at claridges since it first opened , and it has a lot of negative reviews but on the sunday lunch i went there i actually had a lovely meal and couldnt fault it . unfortunately thats quite a few years ago .
      im going to give zafferanos , marcus wareing , and helene darroze a try over the forthcoming week -- well it is xmas !