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Dec 8, 2008 03:03 PM

Great burger in Waltham?

Anyone have any ideas on where to get a really good burger in the Waltham area?
I work near there occasionally and always up for a good burger.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Not the best I've had, but the burgers at Demo's on Lexington Street are pretty good.

    I also like the burgers at Paddy's in West Newton (near the Waltham line), as well as the burgers at their other restaurant in Newton Highlands--O'Hara's.

    1. Nothing mind-blowing, but the best burgers I've had in Waltham are at Sadie's Saloon (better know for its excellent steak tips) and the two Irish bars with decent food, The Skellig and Mad Raven. Joseph's Too, an old-school, quasi-diner American kind of restaurant, also does a very nice burger on the low end but above the fast-food level.

      If you can abide casual dining chain burgers, Waltham has a 99 and a Grassfield's.

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        Now that you mention it, given the surprisingly good quality of the breakfasts at Josephs Too, I'd suspect that their diner burger is equally right on. And you can't beat the service. There is a waitress there, this tiny little woman who the manager once told me is in her 80s, who is quite possibly the best waitress I have ever had.

        1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

          That place was one I expected to be terrible and shocked me with its solid value and funny, old-school service (nicotine-reeking, gum-snapping mama who calls me "Hon" but always hits her marks). Lots of good little dishes on that menu besides the solid breakfast food you mention, BFP, like Yankee pot roast and a diner roast chicken (probably actually "broasted").

        2. re: MC Slim JB

          Thanks for the tips. I tried Mad Raven tonight and it was a pretty good burger. Asked for medium and it was well done but that happens all too often these days. Beef had good flavor and bar had a comfortable vibe.
          I'll try the others as well and report anything interesting.

        3. It's been quite a while, but I thought the burger at Joe Sent Me on Main St. was pretty good, and really liked the fries. Might be worth checking out how they are these days.

          Looks like it's only open for lunch later in the week, from Wed. on.

          1. Not sure about the burger but you must try the jumbo wings at Bison County.

            1. The burgers at Watch City have been tasting pretty good lately - although they seem to be shrinking in size and increasing in price everytime I go. Have to order it medium rare if you want medium. Add a slice of cheese and another topping and sub out a salad or onion rings for the fries, and you're in the $13-14 range for a burger. Very little carbonation (if any) in the beers on my last visit - cask through the sparkler was spritizier than the draft beers. Except for the effect on the staff, I have decided that the takeover by Beer Works can't come fast enough - last I heard it was back on again and just about a done deal.

              I've also gotten some good burgers at Demo's too. Flat patties (most likely frozen) that always come medium well, but juicy, good grill flavor, and the give you a double with cheese and fries for about $6.

              Its a shame that Halfway Cafe can't figure out how to cook a burger medium rare, medium, or even medium well for that matter, because they have good flavor and the handcut fries are really good.

              Interested in hearing about other options in the area.