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Dec 8, 2008 02:59 PM

Fava Beans ...

I'm going to a Silence of the Lambs inspired party next week and really want to bring a dish that highlights fava beans. I realize they are not in season, but where can I find them?

I live in Cambridge and don't particularly care if these beans are dried, canned, or fresh. Any ideas, folks?


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  1. Fava beans are surprisingly hard to find, but I am sure you could find them canned at any larger supermarket.

    Whole Food's (at least the one on Symphony) definitely has them dried, as I just bought them yesterday (to make Ful Medames). They aren't by their house brand or Goya (who together comprise most of WH's beans), but by a "gourmet bean" company that sells small 12oz packages.

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      I tried the big Whole Foods on River Street with no luck. I'll give Symphony a shot!

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        You can get them canned at many places that carry Middle Eastern goods; the shops near Haymarket have them (don't know the name of the street, but its the one where the Fri/Sat outdoor Haymarket takes place...also, its the street behind Union Oyster House). You can also get them dried (Goya) at Shaw's in Eastie (Central Square), and I imagine at other Shaw's too where they have foods from Latin America or Market Basket.

      2. I would check the produce place on Pamenter st in the NE for fresh. Whole foods has them frozen I know. Maybe as a hostess gift you can bring some lotion in a basket.

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          I haven't been able to find frozen at WF since the summer.

        2. What type of liver are you serving? You know, it just isn't Silence of the Lambs without the Fava Beans, Chianti, and liver.

          1. I don't think you need to bother with canned. You can buy them frozen year round, Market Basket is the best supermarket bet for those as they always have them with the frozen fish, although others do carry them. If you can get over to Cambridge St, Courthouse seafood and other stores sometimes have smaller younger favas in the freezer. MB used to carry these sometimes too, but haven't seen them for a while. If you want to bring a Fava based snack, both Portuguese and Italian stores offer fried favas too. At Bob's in Medford they have a good sized takeout container for $3.99 (they are a bit tough though).

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              the favas at MB are iirc Gonsalves and are pretty good, they're frozen in their shells. the Gonsalves frozen sardines are also top notch.

              1. re: itaunas

                Oh yeah, fried favas! I've gotten yummy ones at one of the Middle Eastern groceries in Watertown; I think it was Massis. And they'll definitely have dried. Canned too, but I don't know if they have canned ones that aren't pre-seasoned.

              2. I could be hallucinating, but I thought I remembered seeing fresh favas as Russo's as recent as a few weeks ago. Always a good place to call and check.

                That sounds like a fun party - hard to eat through the face mask though...
                Hope y'all make some Dr. Chilton style greasy crab cakes - lamb lollipops -
                Party favor - lotion in a basket!