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Dec 8, 2008 02:47 PM

Best meatloaf?

so, it's not haute cuisine but it definitely makes you feel nice and happy and homey and young again. who has the best meatloaf in the area?? i haven't yet had a really great one. Boulevard Woodgrill has an interesting spin on it with a tomato-romano sauce (or something like that) and while i enjoyed it, i''m hoping there are better ones out there. suggestions?

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  1. Try the barbequed meat loaf at Hickory Grill (Loehman's Plaza - Falls Church). I haven't had it for a couple of years, but I thought it was pretty decent. It's not expensive, and if you don't like it, there's decent pho, good Indian, and a passable deli in the same strip of shopping center.

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      At least in the original location in Burtonsville, the Hickory Grill meat loaf is very spicy. I like spicy, and it was over my borderline the last time I had it.

    2. Loathe as I am to admit it, Cheesecake Factory does a really tasty meatloaf. And Whitlowe's on Wilson does a good one as well.

      Ted's Montana Grill has a bison meatloaf that's good, and they're doing a $15 meal deal (app, entree with sides, cookie) that's not bad at all. I've had worse at twice the price.

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        what comes with the meatloaf at ccf? i can't stand that place, but the girlfriend loves it, and if i could find something i could stand on their menu, it'd make her really happy. so far, everything ive had there was met with terrible disappointment.

        whitlow's meatloaf is pretty great. i always sub in the macaroni and cheese for the mashed potatoes, and their collards are pretty tasty.

        wish there were more places to get meat and threes. or in this case, meat and twos

        1. re: kneelconqueso

          My CCF meatloaf came with garlic mashed potatoes; I usually substitute because they use like a pound of butter in their mashed potatoes. I almost always get the avocado spring rolls. Simple, rich, and tasty.

          Whitlow's collars have been hit-or-miss. Sometimes their perfect, sometimes they go crazy with the salt to the point that they're inedible. But the meatloaf is consistent.

      2. I love the meatloaf at The Majestic in Old Town Alexandria. I believe it is grilled, which is a little different. It is just done really well, tastes upscale yet traditional.

        I also agree that Ted Montana's makes a tasty meatloaf.

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          1. re: chicken kabob

            It's in Old Town. Directly across the street from the Eisenhower Avenue Metro.


            Ted's Montana Grill
            2451 Eisenhower Ave, Alexandria, VA 22314

              1. re: Elyssa

                And a third one is in Ballston.

                May i note that while eating at the place, I felt fine, but felt extremely full afterward, something like overstuffed and wondered whether whatever Ted's recipe was that it lay there in my stomach like a stone. I was at Boulevard Woodgrill last week and had the meat loaf and emerged content and unscathed.

            1. re: Elyssa

              I agree. The Majestic's meatloaf has got a depth of flavor imparted by the grilling. Usually served with mashed taters and green beans. Love it. Plus the ambience is fantastic, service is attentive, one of my fav. spots.

            2. wow thanks for all the great tips! i've been meaning to try ted's — once i stop giggling about the fact that it's owned by ted TURNER. Hahahahaha. It does look like my kinda place though.

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              1. re: littlew1ng

                Ted's big selling point is that they big on renewable resources, recycling, etc. They minimize the use of plastics; their straws are the paper-and-wax kind. And Ted owns the big bison farm where the meat comes from; pretty sure the stuff is certified organic. Even if it isn't, it's a lot leaner than factory processed beef. As far as chains go, you could do a lot worse than Ted's.


                1. re: monkeyrotica

                  that is so great to hear. an eco-conscious media mogul ..... who woulda thunk it? looking forward to trying it.

                  as far as bison goes....i'm ashamed to say i've never tried it? can anyone attest to its distinct flavors and their differences from beef, elk, etc.?

                  1. re: littlew1ng

                    I don't find the flavor of bison distinct. Just tastes like very lean beef to me. It's not gamy, but can be dry if cooked well.

                    1. re: monkeyrotica

                      bison is indeed much leaner than beef as is venison as well - very easy to overcook w/o a marinade or other precautions.

              2. I'm not a big meatloaf fan, but like the meatloaf at Red Rock Canyon Grill in Gaithersburg. (also Silver Spring). They put sausage in it so it's a little spicy. I always subsitute the glazed carrots for green beans - they have possilbly the best tasting carrots. They also have a great chicken pot pie.

                Worst meatloaf is Hamburger Hamlet.

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                1. re: wysguymd

                  I also like Red Rock Canyon's meatloaf (I've been to the Centreville location). It is spicy from the sausage and tomato gravy. I love their green beans. The chunky mashed potatoes are overloaded with pepper, though. I also have to agree their chicken pot pie is good. My two fave dishes there, although it's been about 2-3 years since I've been.

                  When Ted's opened in Cascades (Sterling, VA), I tried the meatloaf and thought it was fine. Although I didn't get excited over it. Maybe I should try it again.

                  1. re: casilady

                    my coworker talks about this place all the time but there aren't any metro-friendly locations. very unfortunate. now that gas prices are back down again though maybe i'll have to trek out there.