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Dec 8, 2008 02:36 PM

41-28 Main st. Big Fat Lamb noodles once more

At the same old location, upstairs across from the hair dresser, as the old lamb noodle shop is a new lamb noodle shop. The shop is a smaller version of the former. Noodles are the medium thick ribbons of yore. The broth though is different. It's not clear, a bit milky opaque, leaning to the stronger rich mutton flavor. A great bowl for the cold days.

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  1. That place is great...I love it so much that I wrote about it ....
    People who work there are super-nice

    Keep on smokin',
    Joey Deckle

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    1. re: Joey Deckle

      Went back Saturday, another cold winter day. Again the soup, lamb et al were excellent. The noodles seemed again seemed to be less fine than those at the former lamb emporium or the Xian stall down stairs. This is more of an Ipudo vrs. Minca difference and not anything that would keep anyone from going there.

    2. so, this replaced the old place I guess? same people or no?

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      1. re: bigjeff

        Pretty sure they're different people...still damn good soup and noodles though

        1. re: Joey Deckle

          The old place with the chef's hat now at 136-31 41st Ave, right?

          1. re: rschwim

            To be honest, I'm not sure if that's the same folks or not. Haven't had their soup, but I hear that it's good. Spose I need to get in there and have a bowl.

            Keep on slurpin',
            Joey Deckle

              1. re: rschwim

                I went 138-31 41st ave yesterday afternoon. Qin's was closed with a handwritten sign on the door (in Chinese). Perhaps they were just closed temporarily. Does anyone have further info?

          2. I spent my last 5 spot on a bowl today. Went home with nothing but some spare change and rusty safety pins in my pocket, and I'd chomp at the bit to do it again. This is the stuff. It walks the walk and takes names. It's the cure for the common cold, the answer for all woes, worthy of igniting romances and uniting the bitterest of enemies. This is world peace, nirvana in a white plastic bucket.

            As our man (woman?) wew says, the broth is indeed different. Deeper. You get the full lamb flavor. It stands mighty fine on its' own, but a half a tiny-spoonful of the spicy condiment lends a hot kick. The noodles are long, flat, fantastic as ever. Rumor has it that, stretched lengthwise, one strand is good for a tightrope walk as far as the Whitestone Bridge, but, hey, don't believe everything that you hear, and who wants to walk to the Whitestone Bridge anyhow when you have tasty noodles like this, just serated enough at the edges to absorb that wonderful lamb taste into their own. And you get a ton of noodles as well; one need not ration these babies as you go. They'll last pretty much as long as the broth does, and, if the flat noodles aren't enough, there's a nice portion of thin glassy (cellophane? octane? propane?) noodles hiding just underneath. The bite-size chunks of lamb are fatty, chewy, tasty, the portion generous, leagues better than what you usually get in your more affordable, white plastic bucket noodle soups these days.

            Some have postulated on the staff. The same? Different? I'll weigh in on the latter. Different. But just as nice. What also goes without saying is that the decor is, as it was before, minimalist, kind of like eating at the unemployment office. Like the sign on the wall says, toilet paper is only for those who request it. And, hey, if you face the hallway, you've got the view of the beauty salon across the way. Not sure, but there might have been a JLo sighting. That or Ruth Buzzi; who knows these days?

            Noodle soup lovers, on your marks. The Fantastic Flat Lamb Noodle is home.

            I love this place.

            I love this place.

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            1. re: Polecat

              Do you think this place is better or Qin's at 136-31 41st Ave?

              1. re: kathryn

                If, as is indicated, Qin's is the original purveyors of the flat lamb noodle soup, and if they're doing it the same way they did it a few years back, I'd give the nod to the stall at the Golden Mall, simply because the broth is that much better, slightly deeper and more flavorful. Those are two big "ifs", though.

                I'll have to try Qin's and get back to you. Let's put it this way, though: if Qin's is doing it anywhere near as good as they used to, choosing between them and the new guys would be as pleasant a quandry as could be.

              2. re: Polecat

                now that's waxing poetic. nice, Polecat.

              3. Anyone know if the original is still in business across Main Street? ...

                Qin's Lamb Noodle
                13631 41st Ave, Queens, NY 11354

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                  1. re: rschwim

                    At 42-28 on Thursday I had a side of lamb bones with a bowl of lamb soup, one of the few things I could imagine that could have added to the enjoyment of the soup. There is a moderate amount of deeply flavorful meat on the bones, much oil on the hands, and really nothing left do when I finished but smile, smile, smile.
                    To be clearer, I had a side order of lamb bones.

                1. BTW, don't try to take photos of your meal or the atmosphere here. I wandered in, took a few photos of the menu and dishes on other people's tables. I turned and left, and several people followed me out, telling me what I had done was "illegal" and demanded that I give up my camera. I told them it was just for me, I was interested in translating the menu, I didn't work for any government agency, but it was still a little alarming.

                  (If they had simply asked I not take them, I would have complied, but I think it's overkill to chase after me, surround me, and try to take my camera.)

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                  1. re: kathryn

                    maybe because you hadn't eaten there? or they didn't see you as a regular or something? I'm sure if you did it as part of documenting your meal, it would've been fine but otherwise, they mighta thought you were DOH about to shut 'em down!

                    1. re: kathryn

                      If the stall owners had seen your great photo series of the Golden Mall or known of your enthusiastic posts that have helped hounds they would have welcomed you as a friend. Your pictures of their stall are quite good. Did you at least get some soup?

                      1. re: wew

                        Some are undocumented aliens and do not want anyone taking their photograph or one of their friends...