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Dec 8, 2008 02:12 PM

Chatham's Chocolates To Close (PHX)


I loved this little chocolate boutique. J. and I had some wonderful (albeit expensive) shopping sprees here. We brought home a ton of chocolate including some wonderful bars from Chocolat Bonnat.

Of course, the issue is the economy and people aren't dropping $8.00+ per bar for chocolate.

I will miss Chatham's. The shop was clean and user friendly and the staff was very patient with my bazillion questions.

Phoenix needs places like this, but until this terrible economy turns around, I don't see any new ones opening to fill the void that Chatham's will leave,

Good bye, Chatham's. I, for one, will sorely miss you.

Chatham's Fine Chocolates
114 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ

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  1. That's a shame. He just moved to the new digs a year or so ago.

    1. I loved the chocolates here...they were just so expensive! And the owner always made me feel awkward when I asked about the different selections...he would sort of hover, but not in a customer-service way, more in a creepy way. That's probably part of why I only went there a few times! Are there any other stores like this in the valley?

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        They were expensive, but the prices were in line with what you would pay at online retailers. Of course, that presents a problem here since most chocolate companies refuse to send out chocolate orders to Phoenix except a couple of months a year.

        As for other chocolate shops, I have heard a few things about Wei of Chocolate here in Phoenix and Chocolate Heaven in Scottsdale, but those places pretty much sell their own creations instead of serving as a nexus for a variety of producers.

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          Interesting. I tried unsuccessfully to shop there but always got frustrated and walked out empty-handed because the owner was taking too long with customers who had arrived before me. The store worked well for those who wanted a lot of personal attention, but did not do such a good job of providing an "express lane" option to just buy an assortment of premium chocolates. Of course, some would argue that the grab-n-go approach was antithetical to the Chatham's experience, but can any shop really afford to turn away business in this economy?

        2. It really is a shame. We were there once and I felt that he was very helpful and very patient about answering questions and suggesting options for our tastes. That said, I can understand why he is closing his doors - in a world where people are worried about putting dinner on the table, keeping gas in their cars and a roof over their heads, an expensive chocolate bar is nowhere near the top of the list. Too bad, though - it's always sad to see a local business like that close their doors.

            1. I don't live in Phoenix anymore, but a dear friend tells me Sweet-O's has great (read expensive) chocolate and wine. Anyone else know anything about the place?

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              1. re: firecracker

                It's been recommended, here, more than once. I haven't been, myself.

                1. re: firecracker

                  I had a couple truffles last year bought form me for V-day they were ok. notthing great., I thing Vosges (hopefully spelled right ) is the best!!!

                  1. re: drewb123

                    are you sure they were from chathams? you do realize they don't make their own truffles - their chocolates were sourced from over 30 different vendors, including vosges.

                    1. re: winedubar

                      no the truffles i ddin't care for were from o sweeet lounge in glendale.

                      1. re: drewb123

                        my bad, drewb!!! i misunderstood :D