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Jan 11, 2004 09:15 AM

Tripe Glorious Tripe

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I get my fill of Asian versions of tripe and an equal share of menudo. Anybody out there know any other restaurants serving this food such as french or italian (or whomever) other than the Asian and Latin providers?

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  1. There is an Italian restaurant in Pacific Palisades (?? name) which serves a Roman Tripe dish. Also ate tripe at the late Bouchon. Would like to know other French joints that have tripe. You could try my Mum's receipe of tripe and onions baked in milk in a slow oven, just salt and pepper - its an old Sussex standby.

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      Osteria Angelini serves a fantastic dish of tripe. The tripe is very tender with terrific flavor -- it's probably the second best western-style (as opposed to Asian or Latin) preparation I've had next to Babbo in NY. Just to throw the dish over the top, they add a couple pieces of perfectly grilled cuttlefish. Either item would make a terrific dish by itself, but together... too good!

      I've had a decent rendition at Rocca in Santa Monica, but not nearly in the same class as Angelini.

      1. re: ken

        Agree about Angelini Osteria. For me, it IS the best non-asian version of tripe out there.

    2. AOC has "tripe from the woodburning oven"

      We had it once and it was too ripe for me but my husband loved it. Swing by and have a glass of wine and a bowl of tripe.

      1. Taix on Sunset has trip a la mode de caen as one of its weekly specials the last time I looked.

        1. Rocca's in Santa Monica has an excellent Tuscan tripe appetizer.

          1. Yes! I love this Chowhound business!

            I've been looking for a place to get tripe other than at home (I make a mean dish of tripe)...

            If anyone out there knows of a variety meats afficionado's group in LA, count me in!