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Dec 8, 2008 02:00 PM

Rue de Cler

We will be staying here for 1 night. Have 24 hours in Paris. What should we not miss in this area? Also, thinking of dinner at either Le Regalade or Chez Denise. Which one is easier for us to get to? which one would we enjoy more for the 1 night that we have?

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  1. As time is at a premium, you may enjoy Chez L'Ami Jean (27, Rue Malar), which is just a few blocks from Rue de Cler. La Regalade is wonderful but it is in the 14th arr. and there isn't much sightseeing in that area. Chez Denise is terrific, too, but is also some distance from where you are staying. There is so much to see (and eat!) in Paris, and you may not wish to waste precious time en route to your restaurant. L'Ami Jean is wonderful: great food at unbelievably reasonable prices, and certainly a great Parisian bistro experience. Enjoy Paris!

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      Second CAJ big time. Le Florimond is nice, more comfortable, but not always as good as Chez l'Ami Jean. Also, it's open on sundays. Across the street from le Florimond, I also like L'Auberge Bressane for earthy traditional food very well made and typical ambiance. D'Chez Eux is another great bistrot with all you can eat desserts. La Fontaine de Mars is also very close and textbook bistrot. It's a good neighbourhood and you have everything you might want within walking distance (includind the finest dining with l'Arpège and le Divellec).

      Also, stop by Cantin rue du Champ de Mars to get some cheese to go (ask them what's best and have them pack sousvide for you -- don't buy what you can't taste), and Grégory Renard rue Saint Dominique for Macarons. Good bread from Julien in the same street, and very fancy pastry, especially puff, from Millet, also rue Saint Dominique. Rue Cler, you might like La Maison du Jambon.

      La Régalade and Chez Denise are good but somewhat further, but we're talking 20min subway in both cases. Chez l'Ami Jean and La Régalade are by far best value for food in town but are quite uncomfortable/friendly. I'll let Delucacheesemonger speak about Chez Denise cos I still haven't been -- need to fix that. DCM, when are you coming back?

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        I have heard such great things about CAJ.. next time. ready your blog and even though I speak and read French, I await when it will be in English!

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          Well, I'm late on translations both ways. Too much time on Chowhound, I suppose ;-)

    2. Love the area and I would go to Le Florimond..this is one of my favorite places in Paris.
      Lobster medallions with a cantaloupe beurre blanc that was out of this world..across from the metro École Militaire..reasonable too..
      great cheese shop and marche on rue bosquet.

      19, Avenue La Motte Picquet
      01 45 55 40 38

      1. CLAJ is great, Chez Denise is my comfort food home, love them both, little less crowded at CD, little better food at CLAJ, CD not as close, but only 15 minutes or so, cannot go wrong at either. If a night owl, dinner at CD with all the workmen at midnight is fab. Sorry Souphie, not back to the fall, l believe. NYC treating me too well right now.

        1. Just my two cents, my dining experiences in Paris are not extensive, but Chez Denise was wonderful. A year ago, on a very cold evening, the lady and I hiked from Ile St. Louis to Chez Denise.

          We had no reservations, but the owner and his wife were wonderful, and said, "I think we can squeeze you in." Almost everyone having dinner was French, and having a wonderful time. I had hanger steak, a portion was two of them, the lady loved her tripe cooked in Calvados, we shared a liter of Brouilly, desserts were plentiful and delicious.

          I insisted we return the following evening, it was so festive, so enjoyable. I would encourage anyone to dine at Chez Denise once. For me, it was much, much more enjoyable than going to L'Ami Louis.

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            While similar, financially vastly different. On previous posts have said when in town, eat at Chez Denise about weekly, and love it. But L'Ami Louis at five times the cost was also wonderful. If l could afford it, would go to Louis far more often. Restaurants are more similar than different, but only Louis has their Cotes des Boeuf, best l ever had, while Chez Denise has their Haricot du Mouton and Morue Auvergnat, which l would gladly eat weekly forever.

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              What are best things for a first timer to order at Chez Denise?....I like most everything...big appetite....never been to Chez Denise, saw it featured on Anthony Bourdain show, intriguing...wIll be in the neighborhood in 2 weeks.....thanks!