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Dec 8, 2008 01:46 PM

Private fine dining in Miami

I'm looking for a recommendation for a place to host a dinner party for 11 people in Miami. It's to celebrate a special occasion. I'm looking to spend about $75-100 dollars a head total.

The only requirement, other than good food, is that the restaurant must have a private room or area. It will take place in January, so if the room is outdoors, a potential for it to be heated would be nice as well.

Thank you so much in advance for your recommendations.

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  1. Heated? In Miami? You've got to be kidding! Even here in Sarasota area it's seldom too cool to eat outdoors!

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      That's why I said potential. You must know dining at night and outdoors in January, especially if it's anywhere near the water, caries a strong chill potential. You must be a snow bird. Thanks for the snark.

    2. I just ate the other night at Sra Martinez (it was fabulous), and they have a very cool table upstairs overlooking the main dining room that seats up to 12 (at least). This would be my choice easily.
      Four adult men ate (no alcohol) for $115... great value!

      1. Talula has a nice outdoor patio area but you probably wouldn't be able to take over the whole space with a group of 11 (but I would check - particularly if it's a weekday night rather than weekend, they might accomodate you). I've brought groups to Talula and they've done a great job.

        Sra. Martinez's upstairs area is a very nice space but is not entirely private - 2 tables (8-tops, I believe) and a small bar behind them.

        Bourbon Steak in Aventura has a couple of nice big tables in private spaces - night be tight on your budget (not sure if you're including drinks in that budget or not).

        Most steakhouses (i.e. Capital Grille) have private rooms.