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Dec 8, 2008 12:50 PM

Big W's Worth the Schlep

My son and I made the pilgrimage from Chappaqua to Wingdale (about 45 min---684 to rte 22 North) for barbecue from Big W's. It was a bleak winter afternoon. The wind blowing the small amount of snow that had accumulated earlier in the day in gusts everywhere.

The barbecue is the real deal. All of it made in a smoker outside store that is roughly 50 feet long by 10ft wide and 10 feet high. You coudl live in it if you had to, it is so big.

Barbecued ribs, whole chicken, pulled pork, brisket, were all available. All tender, juicy, and fragrant. They practically melt in your mouth. Sides available were homemade beans, macaroni, dirty mashed potatoes, stuffing, baked cabbage, and cole slaw. The beans are the standout. homemade backed beans, fragrant with molasses, loaded with pieces of pork tips, a meal in and of itself.

I think they have corn bread, but i did not really look. W's makes their own sauce for their barbecue. I prefer the hot and spicy one.

Go, you won't regret it. And Big W is a very nice guy, to boot. He runs the place with his wife.

This is my 4th trip, and i really focus on the barbecue and the beans.

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  1. I've been wanting to make the trek up there for sometime now.......only heard great great things about Big W's......Thanks for the great review.......

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    1. re: southlake

      M y pleasure. Now if you could only help me find a decent Chinese restaurant or corned beef sandwich in Norther n Westchester..........

      1. re: steelydad

        imperial wok in somers is a cut above the others

        1. re: corky

          Is the one in Somers better than the one in north White Plains?

          1. re: dolores

            never been to the one in nwp...but ive been going to the somers one since the mid 80's...when it was located in beautiful downtown yorktown heights.

    2. sdad...i worship the guilty plaesure,shortly after getting home i get a fork and eat the meat in the beans and then i cut up some of whatever meat i bought and add it to the beans...endless meaty beans (shhh,don't tell anyone)

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      1. re: corky

        "worship" I really like the way you put it! I love them also, and I just cannot get excited about the other sides. I mean, yes ...of COURSE I love mac'n cheese, cole slaw and mashed taters as much as the next guy...but I am sorry to say that the execution at Big Dubbs is just not great. However, life is good when you just say "Give me all of my sides in baked beans!"

      2. Another vote, everytime we take a drive up 22 we stock up on the way home, the chicken is great in my lunch salad and lasts me a week! Very reasonably priced and great quality, and we do the same with the baked beans, throw some more brisket in them and they're even more delicious! The owner is a delight, really nice guy and always seems to give me a little extra.

        1. Big W is fantastic. It's worth the trip and always a special part of our trek home from fruit/veggie picking up at Barton Orchards. Yum, can't wait for picking season.

          1. No need to drive all the way to Wingdale. Great barbecue on Rt.22 in Brewster . JR'S OR JB'S. The family moved up here from North Carolina, Great food!Ribs, Brisket, Greens etc.
            Also If your in Chappaqua Gail Patrick's Cafe makes ribs & BBQ chickens with Rub & Sauce from South Carolina. They even sell the sauce. It's from Sticky Fingers Charleston S.C..They sell Memphis Original, Habenero and Carolina sweet.

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            1. re: chapgirl

              chapgirl, do you mean JB's Barbeque (3867 Danbury Road, Brewster, 845-278-3600)?

              Where is Danbury Road in relation to Route 22? How soon after 684 ends?

              Good to know, thank you. Wingdale is way too much of a schlep.

              1. re: dolores

                yes it is JB's It's probably best to map quest or put into GPS . I can tell you it's about 40 min. closer than Wingdale. And Great Barbecue.

                1. re: chapgirl

                  big W is only about 17 miles north of brewster on rte 22

                2. re: dolores

                  Went to JB's. IMHO Big w's ribs better by a long shot, but the barbecue here is more than acceptable, and the sides are excellent across the board.

                  1. re: steelydad

                    My husband and I like the ribs at JB's much better--just our personal taste I guess. I find JB's pulled pork highly superior to Big W's too--just the right balance of flavor in the sauce, while W's seems too heavy. The sides are awesome.

                    It's also a plus that JB's is much closer to us than Big W's, and we find the service friendlier too.

                  2. re: dolores

                    Danbury Road in Brewster is also known as Route 6. Route 22 and Route 6 intersect in downtown Brewster and then 22 heads up towards Pawling while 6 heads east into CT. Once getting off of 684 onto Route 6, head east about 2 or 3 miles, and you'll be at JB's. You won't regret going.

                  3. re: chapgirl

                    fwiw I don't think GP's has a smoker............