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Dec 8, 2008 12:42 PM

Flautas in Irving!

Where can I find some great flautas? I tried Taco Cabana on the low$-end and I love Ojedas on the not-so-low$$-end. But Im in Irving and I dont think they have an Ojedas near by. Are there any good flauta places in Irving??

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    1. re: wildtrout

      not the place i would recommend for flautas. or coffee, for that matter. okay, i don't recommend it at all... =)

      1. re: mlschot


        Back when Mr. Mathers and his wife ran the place it was actually a very good Tex-Mex with New Mex spin. I am not sure if Ms. Mathers now has any control over it but they both were one of the few restaraunteurs in town that were very humble and enjoyed their work.

        I wouldn't recommend this place because I haven't been in such a long time and I knew what it was like before. I also wouldn't say it would be the best place to find flautas as they might be on the pricey side to make up for the high rent in that center.

        1. re: mlschot

          This is definitely a "back in the day" restaurant. I applaud any restaurant that can thrive and survive over a 20 year time span - and this happens to be one that has. Via was one of the first in the area to break out of the "everyday" menu mold and go upscale with - of all things - TEX-MEX (and add the matching price tag). Today, it's common place for restaurants to follow that lead by putting the "fancy" on yesterday's "peasant foods". So naturally, by today's standards, VR has no stand-out quality. So it is.

          Now it's been years since I've been to VR, but sometimes, to appreciate the current, you just have to appreciate the past. And in that area of town, if they weren't doing it right, they wouldn't still be alive.

      2. I am not sure if Danal's has them on the menu but I would try them out (close to IHS on O'Connor and Pioneer) - Central

        I know San Diego Taco also has them (Plymouth Park - Irving Blvd and Story)....I believe they call them rolled tacos (?) but they are flautas. They are actually pretty good there also. - West Side

        Arturos on Irving Blvd and Pioneer - Central

        La Margarita on Beltline and Rochelle would have them - Mall Area

        Rudy's on Beltline and Rochelle across from Pizza Hut - Mall Area

        I would try any and all of those. I have personally tried all of those over the years I can't attest to the quality of each and every flauta at each recommendation, but those would be better than Taco Cabana. I actually like the ones at Pancho's before they closed.....that was my guilty pleasure.

        SW Irving is not going to have any....SE will have them around Irving Blvd and Nursery area close to the Fiesta as there are quite a few taquerias. Central Irving around the police station on O'Connor and Pioneer will have them around the supermarket there.
        Plymouth Park has a few taquerias (San Diego taco and one where Firehouse Burgers used to be across Grauwyler from Kroger ). Anything along Rochelle from Belt Line to O'Connor might have them. There is Rudy's and La Margarita on BL, La Mexicana y El Gringo on Story, some place where Sub Shop used to be next to Taj Chaat House on MacArthur, and finally El Rincon Del Viejo on O'Connor. Esters has no taquerias, Walnut Hill has a place that has been there for quite some time Tio Carlos has a Shrimp Flauta - also has a good mix of Mex, Salva, and Argentine cuisines!

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          1. re: LewisvilleHounder

            They're called rolled tacos in San Diego and other parts of Southern California. It's a regional specialty of the area, and something I miss like crazy. I am definitely going to check that place out! I've never had a "flauta" that could compare. I've given up trying them, actually, since I had the ones at Casa Milagro that are A) 3 times more expensive than they "should" be B) understuffed and overcooked (burnt tortilla, yum) C) not served on a pile of lettuce with cheese, guacamole, and yummy red hot sauce made from dried chiles, (no chipotles please) and served in a ketchup type squeeze bottle.

            Also my favorite rolled tacos are made with shredded beef, and it's pretty hard to find a place around here that makes shredded beef, let alone puts it in a taquito/flauta/rolled taco.

            Thanks a lot for the recommendation, I can't wait to try it! The reviews I found on-line make it sound like just what I'm looking for.

          2. I'm not sure what part of Irving you are in, but I work right off 114 in Irving and we will drive to Grapevine for flautas at Baja Mex Grill. They have great brisket and chicken flautas!

            Baja Mexican Grill
            1212 William D Tate Ave, Grapevine, TX 76051