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Dec 8, 2008 12:41 PM

where to buy buche de noel?

Can anyone recommend a really good authentic bakery to buy the classic French Christmas cake, called buche de noel (or Christmas log)?

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  1. I believe Flour in the South End is making them, not sure how authentic it will be.

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      Ditto the authenticity caveat, but Wilson's in Lexington usually has them.

    2. they have buche-like cakes at Whole Foods

      1. Check Lionette's Market in the South End. I haven't gotten one in several years, but they used to have fantastic buche de noel.

        1. Formaggio Kitchen- Huron Ave in Camb., and the South End- have excellent in-house bakery where they make them.

          Does Delphin Gormandise still exist in Brookline and Marblehead?

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            Nope - gone from Brookline for many many years - at least a decade - and more recently gone from Marblehead as well. Delphin is now the director of the professional pastry program at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts.

            However, the pastry chef who did the buches for Lionette's trained with him, and the ones I had were quite similar to the amazing ones I had from the Brookline shop long ago.

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              Hooray! Thanks so much. It will be more fun to shop for them than to try and make one!

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              I just contacted the South End Formaggio location, and it seems only Cambridge is doing them this year... back to the drawing board. I'll contact Lionette's next!

            3. I would definitely try Cafe Vanille on charles ST. I love that place for appricot or pear tarts. also they have wonderful croisonts and bread.

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                And their sister bakeries: French Memories in Hingham and Duxbury.