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Dec 8, 2008 12:41 PM

So what did you eat for lunch today? Home cooked, leftovers or nuttin'?

I cook at home a lot and I foresee even more home cooking in my future, and I love to hear what people make themselves for lunch. I always learn and get good ideas. I'll start but this is embarassing, I had a hot cup of coffee, a madeline cookie and about eight cold shrimp with lemon and cocktail sauce. Oh and tap water. But I have a well so it was nicely chilled, just like the air here in Pennsylvannia

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  1. Leftover-ish as in I had food already made. Panini with cheese and bacon on home made bread. Butternut squash soup, made this weekend, just reheated. I don't consider them leftovers, I guess, because I like to have home made bread and soup ready to go in the winter and consider them staples but they're leftovers in the respect that I didn't just make them. Hmmm, a philosophical discussion on what a leftover really is.

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      Wow! Awesome replies already! The home cooking board rocks!!! I adore leftovers. For one thing I think of them as free food. They are a way of stealing time and beating the system. And since they are My leftovers they are of course extra delicious. :) Planned overs rock too. Your lunch sounds a lot more seasonal and suited to the long cold streak I've been experiencing here chowser. I've been reaching for salads more too weezycom. I want to still fit into my clothes in 2009.

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        givemecarbs, i love this salad thread "pimp my autumn salad": http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/456931

        p.s. glad you're "warmin' up" over here! ;-).

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          Thanks so much alkapal! Things were getting pretty breezy. I'll check out the thread. I know very little about salads.

    2. I'm on a strict diet during the week b/c of the plethora of holiday parties so that I can indulge with less guilt when I see some particularly tasty morsel. Today I had a nice tossed mixed greens salad w/ low-fat ranch dressing, a handful of baby carrots, a cup of chicken broth, and a clementine. Tomorrow's lunch is more broth, cottage cheese and mixed berries, and some whole-grain bread.

      1. We had people over to watch the game yesterday and cooked Mexican food, so lunch today was leftover salad, refritos, and a chili colorado burrito. Chili colorado is one of my husband's specialties. It's delicious but he only makes it a couple of times a year. I wish he enjoyed cooking more and would make it more often!.

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          Was just thinking about making some chili Rubee. I usually have it just in a bowl with bread the first time but then I love eating the chili in a burrito for the second outing. So what goes into Chili colorado? A man that can cook is a wonderful addition to any household. :)

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            He said it's so easy, "it's not really a Chowhound recipe". I said of course it is, a CH recipe just has to be good!

            He cuts thick sirloin steaks into cubes and then browns them in butter. He adds a couple splashes of his 'secret ingredient' - worcestershire - and then adds a couple of cans of enchilada sauce. He likes to use Hatch medium red enchilada sauce, but will use hot if the crowd likes it extra spicy. He then adds whole chipotle peppers in adobo sauce to taste, lets then simmer for another 20 minutes until it's as spicy as he wants it, and then removes them. This weekend he used 3 lbs of steak, 2 14-oz cans of Hatch enchilada sauce, and four whole chipotles. He always makes it the night before so the flavor melds and you can judge how spicy it is.

            To use up the leftover tortilla chips, lunch today (we both work at home) was chilaquiles topped with a fried egg. Inspired by Ms. Needle, for tomorrow I took out some roasted duck stock with five spice that I had in the freezer and am planning a soup with Chinese egg noodles, cilantro, scallions, and leftover roast chicken from pollo asado this weekend.

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              Thank you Rubee! I will try this recipe for sure. Chowhounds are my kitchen muses!

        2. I totally had leftovers. First, a piece of bratwurst grilled the other night. Then, some slices of a marinated, grilled chuck steak with leftover mashed potatoes. A little mustard, a little BBQ sauce ... and an apple for dessert. Gala, I believe. Cold filtered water to drink.

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            Mmm bratwurst. Haven't had that in awhile. Everyone's lunch sounds better than mine! I knew I'd get some awesome inspiration here!

          2. I had yucky split pea soup from the deli in the lobby of my office. Normally I love pea soup, this was too salty. Also, I had a macoun apple and a Fresca.