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Dec 8, 2008 12:39 PM

Park City (or surrounding areas) for Christmas Eve Dinner

Looking for restaurants in or around in Park City (I have a place in Midway, for those familar with the area) for a Christmas Eve Dinner. We are finally free of young children this year, and I am looking for somewhere with great food.

I had thought about trying the Glitretind Restaurant because I had heard great things, but @ $125 or $140 (depending on seating) pre-wine, thats a little bit out of our budget. We often end up at the Blue Board Inn or Snake Creek Grill (both in Midway-area), restaurants I like, but I would like to try something new.

I'd say half the family is really into food, and half is into atmosphere, but none are picky eaters. Price is not too much of a consideration, aside from the really high-end, see $140 pre-wine tasting menu.

Despite going out there for many holidays, Im not too well versed in the Park City dinning scene, and would really appreciate some help.


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  1. Since you're going to be in Midway, check out the possibility of dinner at The Homestead. I definitely prefer the Glitretind, but since you say it's out of your budget, I'll leave that alone. You can check out Adolph's restaurant in Park City - Swiss/European menu. I've had excellent elk loin there. Or, try one of the restaurants at Deer Valley - the Seafood Buffet (I LOVE it!) at $62/pp pre-wine (or bring your own), or if Christmas Eve is on a Wed-Fri night, the Fireside Dining at the Empire Canyon Lodge at $52/pp. Look on the Deer Valley website for more information. I'd recommend The Mariposa at Deer Valley, but if the Glitretind is out of your budget, The Mariposa would be too pricey, too, I'm afraid. If you can, get those reservations this weekend, as they do fill up.
    I'll be working the lifts at Park City on Christmas Eve day and Christmas day, so I'll be feasting on whatever I can fit into my daypack and doesn't require refrigeration or heating :-)