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Dec 8, 2008 12:28 PM

Fondue in Toronto

Does anybody know of a Toronto restaurant that serves fondue? If so, how is the selection?

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  1. Here's a fairly recent thread with some suggestions and comments -

    1. One of the restaurants on the east side of Roncesvalles definitely does fondue one night a week. Trouble is, I can't remember which one it is. Probably either Domani or Fat Cat. I'll try to look out for the sign next time I go by. Till then, can anyone else chime in with the answer?

      1. Hi Theresah, I once drove past a restaurant at Bathurst and Dupont which claimed to be Swiss/Japanese. No guarantees, but it sounds interesting if nothing else!

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        1. I had the fondue in the bar at reds a few weeks ago. The menu says it serves four but the two of us split Afrim's cheese blend (there is also a Blue and a Cheddar fondue). With a Charcuterie Plate and a Stella, it was a full meal. Was it the best fondue I have ever had? No, but it satisfied my cheese fondue craving quite nicely. And parking is free after 5PM (ask your server for the special ticket).

          I also like beer bistro's Cheese & Lager Fondue, but it is definitely Appetizer size. So if you just want to be filled up with cheese fondue, you would need to order more (or maybe it's just that I'm a pig).

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          1. re: always_eating

            Has anyone tried this fondue at Reds?

            Perron cheddar fondue at Reds Bistro
            Reds just rolled out a new fall/winter menu. On it, Perron cheddar (from Quebec) fondue with smoked bacon cured in-house and onion confit. The ooey, gooey concoction is served with bread, crispy pear and apple. Reds has one of the biggest cheese selection in town (33 kinds, in fact) all brought in from the Cheese Boutique.

          2. Never been, but Miller Tavern has chocolate fondue with fruit, etc.

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