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Dec 8, 2008 11:51 AM

Breakfast Burritos in Huntington Beach?

Haven't found a breakfast burrito in Huntington Beach that wows me like the ones in the Pasadena area and would appreciate some recs. Thanks!

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  1. Drive up PCH to Seal Beach and try the breakfast burritos at Nick's Deli on Main street. Little bit of heaven on a tortilla.

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    1. re: Raymondo

      Nick's is awesome but specific because of the chorizo, I love them but not something want all the time. In Huntington Beach the one that I crave is from Steve's on Springdale and Warner....drool. Get the sausage one and go hungry...I make 2 meals out of one! My other favorite is in Long Beach, Golden Eagle on Spring and Cherry....also two meals.

      1. re: bubbles4me

        OK. you got my attention. When you mention Golden Eagle (Yes, I agree, a very good bacon / sausage BB but I still want to try the pork chops and eggs at that palce), Raymondo mentions Nick's (Yes, very good again) and the OP mentions Pasadena (The Bacon BB at Wonder Burger on Foothill is one of the best LA has) I know we are talking about only the best BBs here. Therefore, What more is in that sausage BB at Steve's? Also, waht kind of place is Steve's? Can I go looking and smelling like I have been playing with my dog around the corner at the dog park? Does Steve's have bacon also?

        Also worth mention is the new Break Fast Burrito at Tommy's Original. I am not saying anything about the hot dogs and burgers BUT I am saying Tommy's is my old fav for those outstanding BEST IN LA sausage, chili, egg, cheese, tomato, onion, picke and mayo on a English Muffin Breakfast sandwiches. Now they are putting most of those goods into a large tortilla and adding a deep fried hash brown to boot --. Egg, sausage, cheese, chili , hash brown, and if you request they will add the tomatoes and onion and extra chili at no extra charge. I see there is a location at Warner and Magnolia just south/west of the 405. Great price and the coffee is good also.

        1. re: JeetJet

          Steve's Burgers is a very casual place with plenty of nice clean booths to dine in. They even have a small salad bar. They have a large menu---I never had their BB, but their burgers are good and their fries are fabulous (but make sure to ask for them well-done).

          1. re: JeetJet

            Yeah, Steve's is very casual, I have eaten in once but mostly get my breakfast burritos to go....something about eating something bigger than my head makes me want to do so in the privicy of my own home. The burritos are simple; eggs, onions (cooked to soft) sausage and the most haunting salsa...something faintly Middle Eastern in flavor, and tons of buttery hashbrowns...yum! I have had the bacon one before but something about the sausage with that salsa just sings.

      2. Nothing can beat the Pasadena area! You have Lucky Boys to Tops! Super good!!

        Beach Burger on Beach Blvd is pretty good. Nothing like Lucky Boys or Tops, but it's not that bad. Sometimes they put too much potatoe but just ask for easy potatoe and they're super tasty!

        1. Check out the Breakfast Burrito at Beach Burgers on Beach and Garfield. I always ask them to add their hot, homemade salsa inside the burrito. To me, that's the hot ticket. I've turned a lot of people onto this over the years and they have all gone back multiple times.

          1. Try Harry's at Springdale and Bolsa. Huge bacon BB. Harry's is less expensive than Steve's and they'll custom make a BB to your specifications. Several years ago I ordered a bacon BB at Steve's with half potatoes, half beans and chopped tomatoes and they looked at e like I was crazy. Also, Steve's wife constantly supervises the cook, making sure only 2 strips of bacon go into the BB's, not 3 or 4 like Harry's.

            1. Good Day Cafe in HB (serves breakfast and lunch only) has an extensive breakfast menu including 10 breakfast burrito choices at $4.95 or $5.95 each. And if you sit on the patio, you can bring the dog. The service is very friendly and the decor is funky Hawaiian. What's not to like?
              On Warner at Green, west of Bolsa Chica.

              Good Day Cafe
              4911 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92649