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Dec 8, 2008 11:22 AM

UNopened pistachios

does anyone have a good way to open pistachios that are sealed shut? I'm not talking about the ones with tiny little openings--I can usually pry those apart with my nails--but the ones that are completely closed. what makes them open in the first place? I have a bag with an extraordinary number of unopened nuts, and it's frustrating me. thanks!

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  1. They haven't ripened, or matured, or whatever you call it with a nut. Probably not worth eating anyway

    1. I used to bite those kind open. Then I decided it was bad for my teeth. Hmm. Might try something with a hammer but that could get messy. Let us know if you figure out a good way to open them because I have this problem too once in awhile.

      1. regular nutcracker, or break gently with some needle nose pliers.

          1. Pistachios were the comfort food of my best college buddy (and the class trickster in the 70's).
            Any quantity of pistachios contains a few nuts that don't have a single crack from which to begin the nail-prying exercise. I began saving the crackless pistachios, like pocket change, for years, with no particular objective except hope and opportunity.
            About 12-15 years after college, my buddy was hospitalized for a non-life-threatening condition. I visited him with a large zip-lock of pistachios, and he sat up and beamed like a cheshire cat and his eyes got as big as saucers.
            Not a one of them had a single crack.

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              OMG Veggo! A tale of revenge chowhound style! Sounds like an idea for a whole thread.