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Dec 8, 2008 11:06 AM

Schwa Substitute for week after Christmas

Hi There-

We have relatives visiting from NYC the week of christmas, and were hoping to go to schwa, but as it turns out, they are closed all week :(

Does anyone have any thoughts on suitable replacements-- Something at a similar price point
with a cool vibe-- not necessarily as cutting edge as Schwa, or a BYOB-

I was thinking of perhaps Blackbird, Red Light, Sepia, Graham Elliot or Aigre Doux-or something like that. These are all places I have not yet been to, but have wanted to go-

Any help is appreciated!!

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  1. The group you mentioned are all very good (at least, the ones I've been to). Red Light is a bit different from the others because it offers a pan Asian menu, whereas the others are all more along the lines of contemporary American. I love Aigre Doux in every way. Blackbird the food is great, but the seating is somewhat crammed and it's noisy. I haven't been to the other two.

    Here are two additional suggestions. If you want to go to a cool place that IS cutting edge like Schwa, then you might want to consider Moto. And if you want to go to a contemporary American place that's BYO (and also cool), Sweets and Savories is BYO on Mondays (and they also offer a discount on their tasting menu on Mondays).

    1. Or what about Bonsoiree? It has that factor of being a small, byo place with great food and somehow feels very Chicago. Fine dining that is laid back and not stuffy, and outside of the downtown tourist area.

      1. I would definitely second the reco for Bonsoirée. Some of the best food in Chicago, in an unpretentious, un-stuffy BYOB atmosphere. But phone way ahead for reservations, as it is a smaller place and they book up fast, especially if you are thinking of a weekend.