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Dec 8, 2008 10:43 AM

Christmas Eve dinner- Rhode Island

Does anyone have any suggestions for restaurants that will be open on Christmas Eve in Rhode Island or southern MA area? Looking for someplace open past 7 for a party of around ten ppl, not necessarily for the feast of fishes.

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  1. We always go out for Indian on Christmas Eve. It's sort of become our non-traditional Christmas Eve tradition. I've yet to find an Indian restaurant that's closed.

    1. We are always looking for somplace to go on Christmas Eve ourselves. Grandma always insists on the Twin Oaks, and they are very good to us, but I think they might only be open until 8? I did read somewhere that Pan E Vino is going to be open. I was pushing for Mu Mu, but I was met with horrified looks.

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        I read today in the paper that CAV will be open on Christmas Eve. (In the past we have had a problem with kitchens closing much earlier than stated on Christmas Eve, which is why we started doing Indian in the first place.)

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          WHAT??? chinese on christmas eve is like pizza the day you move into a new place! classic, uncomplicated, heavy!... what fun would unwrapping presents at 7:30 am be without that infamous pepto-resistent eggroll hangover? push for mumu, it's GOOD chinese food and the decor is beautiful. order the table a round of mai tais and they'll be well over it ;) merry merry!

        2. You could try Minh Hai 401 383 8071. GREAT Vietnamese food. Try the thin sliced beef with lemon appetizer. It's not a formal place and the owner is very accommodating, esp. for big groups. It's also BYOB.

          1. Thanks for al your suggestions. I ended up booking a table at CAV, as some non-Chinese eaters are coming.

            thanks again, happy holidays!

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              A little late, but I just heard that Vintage in Woonsocket is open Christmas Eve until 9:00.

            2. Well, I didn't get my wish for Mumu. But we're not going to the Twin Oaks. It's off to Trio in Narragansett.