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Dec 8, 2008 10:30 AM

MUST-Eat Christmas Foods in LA (or OC).......

What Christmas foods...both beautiful and delicious are worth traveling to purchase, and enjoy. (La Brea Bakery makes absolutely beautiful (unparalled) Christmas cookies for example.)

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  1. Posole, but I can't give you a specific place because it's good in so many places.

    It isn't Christmas without vortlimpa and drömmar from Berolina Bakery in Montrose, though.

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      what is vorlimpa and drommar? sounds like a scandavian dessert.

      speaking of which, gustaf anders holiday smorgasbord would have been awesome. alas, they closed a few years back.

      1. re: kevin

        Vortlimpa is holiday limpa bread with various spices and fruits in it, like a rye bread version of panettone, but a little bit more sour. Available most days without a special order, but order it if you need it.

        Drömmar are very light butter cookies made with bakers' ammonia as the leavening agent. They are available by special-order only (two days' notice, unless you want them on the 24th in which case order now).

        Also get a loaf of regular limpa and then go next door to Schreiner's and get Lachsschinken.

    2. I know this sounds crazy, and it isn't technically LA, but from my LA home, I order via internet the Egg Nog Cake from Vermont Country Store (I know, I know--but it's really great) and eat it in my LA home. I also consider Christmas a good excuse to splurge on Champagne truffles from Teuschers in Beverly Hills. And, of course, Brougiere's egg nog and Baskin Robbins egg nog ice cream (by the way, I love egg nog).

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        Brougiere's egg nog for sure. That suff is so thick it fbelongs in a post for "Must eat Chrstmas Foods" post. I have to mix it half milk / half nog to be able to drink it. I do the same with that perfect chocolate milk they have.

        This post brings to mind those candied walnuts that were popular for years. I recall a post several years ago about a small place maybe on Wilshire in Beverly Hills that made them. Anyone know what I am refering to here? Spiced / Cinnamon Walnuts or Chinese Fried Walnuts?

        Broguiere's Farm Fresh Dairy (Very Cool old Drive thru Dairy with Milk in old-time Glass quarts and half-gallon bottles, Must try the chocolate Milk in glass – drink it very cold before you leave)
        505 S Maple Ave
        Montebello, CA 90640-5404
        7am to 7pm Mon. to Fri.
        7am to 6pm on Sat.
        (323) 726-0524
        One block South of Olympic almost on the Rail Road Tracks. About five blocks North of Washington Blvd.)

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          Fosselmans also has Egg Nog ice cream. At frst I did not want to try the pumpkin or egg nog flavors but once i did I bought several half gal for my kids families.

          1. re: JeetJet

            I've been hearing so much about Fosselman's, I'll have to bite the bullet and take a drive out there this month. Thanks for the tip!

        2. Thanks for the input.

          Can anyone recommend who sells the best mince pie, plum pudding, decorated Christmas cookies, candies, Christmas breads, etc?

          P.S I would like to photograph them, so the more "photogenic", the better!

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          1. re: Funwithfood

            Well, the aforementioned Berolina Bakery make an unbelievable stollen, and also for Sankta Lucia (Dec. 13th) they make the traditional cardamom rolls ("lussekatter") with and without almond paste (I prefer them without).

            1. re: Das Ubergeek

              Thanks--I'm hoping to check it out, as I've never had good stollen.

          2. It's a little out of the way (Ontario), but Logan's Candies is a must-visit if you've never been there. They do candy cane demonstrations where they show you how they make them (great for kids!), and their candy canes are just the best--SO much better than the ones you buy in grocery stores.

            If you want to pop in for a tour before xmas, call (909) 984-5410...I think you need to make a reservation. It's been a while since I've gone.