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Dec 8, 2008 10:14 AM

Trader Joe's Stonestown opening Wed 12/10/08?

I heard that the new Trader Joe's in Stonestown near Borders and McDonald's will open on Wednesday, 12/10 -- the day after tomorrow!! Has anyone heard anything about this?


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  1. Yes, that's what the sign on the door said Saturday night. Opening was delayed due to "permit" issues.

    Good luck getting in the parking lot now.

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      1. re: osho

        Who knows? Let your fingers do the walking: 415-665-1835

        1. re: osho

          I went on opening day and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I went through the checkout line. There are lots of checkout aisles and all of them were in use.

          The aisles are wide and even though it was quite crowded, it didn't seem as crowded as Westlake does on an average day. They also had a wider variety of cheeses and frozen foods than I've seen in other TJ's -- and a very large beverage section, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

          And, finally, I'm a sucker for those shopping cart escalators (a la Tanforan Target) and they have one at this TJ's! It makes getting out of the store very easy.


          1. re: Nancy Berry

            OT, but The TrustMart I shopped at in Shanghai for a month not on only had shopping cart escalators but the shopping carts had four-wheel steering (i.e., all four wheels swiveled) and could easily be moved in any direction, including sideways. It made maneuvering in crowds a breeze. HAve you seen anythin like that in the Bay Area?

            1. re: Xiao Yang

              Yep -- IKEA's all have those four-wheel steering shopping carts.

      2. Don't forget that there is also a TJ's at Westlake - not very far from Stonestown. Parking is not that bad there.

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          1. re: SunsetKid

            Parking at Westlake is HORRENDOUS.

            1. re: Atomica

              At Westlake I have found that the 2 new interior parking lots have relieved much of the parking problem for me...I think Stonestown should build one in front of the new T.J.'s

              1. re: ChowFun_derek

                Westlake is in Daly City. Stonestown is in San Francisco, which has a "Transit First" policy. Stonestown has decent transit access, and the issue of adding additional parking would have been put to rest during the Environmental Review process.

                1. re: Xiao Yang

                  When the line of traffic starts blocking 19th Avenue as it does on Masonic.....they might need to 'rethink' it. and who thinks it's fun shlepping a couple of full to overflowing paper bags on Muni..waiting for the damn things to arrive, not finding a seat, and watching the frozen things thaw, turning the paper bags into useless mush....Stonestown is a Shopping center, not a Town Center (which the planners of today like to tout) was designed FOR cars, useless Muni being a secondary afterthought. Why it's even called a Transit "system' is beyond me...buses at cross streets don't even wait to exchange passengers...perhaps we can carry all that stuff on bicycles....oh, but it's raining....

                  Doesn't just one Muni Metro line service it, or are there more? and it is FILLED with SF State students....The city can tout its' Transit First policy, but until they run something more than a tinker toy transit system it's just more Supervisor hot air...

                  Do you think Muni REALLY irritates me. Please don't get me started on San Francisco politics.......I'm aggravated, and I need food to calm the pain! I'm heading for the fridge!

                  1. re: ChowFun_derek

                    "I got yer carbon footprint right HERE."

                    Stonestown is served by four transit lines, M, 28, 18 and 17. I shop at TJ's by public transit (Rainbow and Costco as well). And what's to fill two large shopping bags with at TJ's with, anyway?

                    1. re: Xiao Yang

                      I always have filled bags from T'J's, but from Costco.. I literally have cartons (Plural)! Everthing is 'supersized'! Luckilly I have a mini honda civic hatchback, bought especially for city parking. It's about the right size for my many food excursions.
                      Never heard of the 28, 18, 17...only the M is close by for me...but for the most part, I only take direct buses...if I have to wait on some scary windy corner I usually pass...I always use it going downtown though..including Chinatown as well, but there are so many N/S buses going there I never have to wait more than a few minutes at Market St....and there's ALWAYS some treat waiting for me in Chinatown, so I tell myself it doesn't matter..I am one of the testers for the new Translink (electronic) card..which works no more pockets overflowing with the 'proper' change...and it gets me on board (and to some new restaurant) really fast! That is of course if Muni ever keeps to its' schedule...(511 is also somewhat useful). ..but if I have 'heavy schlepping', the auto is the only way to go...that is until these places offer delivery like in New York! BART is pretty miraculous...they seem to be always on time!..I use it to head down to Fremont to the Naz Cinema to see Bollywood films and eat Indian food...the new Shahrukh Khan film is next friday! I can 'taste' the film already!

          2. It has OPENED!! It is somewhat more roomy than most go DOWN an escalator to enter the store which is on the basement level....looks nice....

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