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Lunch near FLL airport (coming from Tamarac)

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Any ideas on where to stop for lunch before my flight out of FLL next Monday? We'll be driving from Tamarac, so some place along the way, but closer to the airport (20 minutes max from FLL) will fit the bill. Thanks.


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  1. Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza is right down the street.

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      Marina Deli or Kelly's Landing in the Southport Shopping Center on 17th St.

    2. Even though I'm local, I use flights in and out of FLL as an excuse to drop by Tom Jenkins, just North of the airport on US1 (discussed in the recent thread 'best bbq miami'. Wait a minute: just realized it is closed on Sunday and Monday, so that won't help you. I'd second Anthony's for pizza then.

      If you want something more upscale, Las Olas Blvd has lots of options. I'm interested in trying the Smith & Jones bar (also discussed on this board) next time I'm in the area.

      1. I flew out of FLL 2 weeks ago, and the bar in the airport now has its own lunch menu (separate from Sbarro) with some good looking stuff, based on my cuban sandwich and my rubbernecking.
        I much prefer to go through the drill of parking, baggage handling, checking in, and then relaxing with a passable meal and a frosty before boarding, than to scarf down a meal in a no-man's land and have all those tasks and deadlines in front of me.

        1. These are just North of airport and in alphabetical order, Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza, Five Guys Burgers, Kelly's Landing, Southport Raw Bar, Tom Jenkin's Bar-B-Q.

          Five Guys
          Harbor Shops
          1818 Cordova Rd.
          Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316

          Anthony's Coal Fire
          2203 S Federal Hwy Fort Lauderdale, FL

          Tom Jenkins Bar-B-Q
          1236 S Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

          Kelly's Landing-New England
          1305 SE 17th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

          Southport Raw Bar
          1536 Cordova Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

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            Tark's in Dania should be just inside your 20 minute range.

          2. Try the Roast Beef Italiano sub at My Market, 229 SW 17th Street, 954-764-5253

            1. Thanks, all. Anthony's and Tark's look like the best bets.

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                Consider the Georgia Pig. About two minutes off Florida's Turnpike where it hits 595 ( a four lane highway that from that point puts you at the departure gate in about five minutes) and just barely south of Davie blvd. The place is a Q joint unchanged since 1953. Excellent chopped pork sandwiches, Brunswick stew and home made, lard based and flakey crusted pies. I love the pecan pie and prefer it to my next favorite pecan pie, the one served at Peter Luger's. You can sit on a stool at the formica counter and stare into the opening in the wall that is the smoker. Service is fast and friendly, the menu is the placemat. I think Anthony's is fine, but with all the great pizza we have in New York I think you will be satisfied but I don't think you will be very impressed. As for Tarks, I hear good things but as a visitor to the area I have not made it over there yet. Thanks for all your contributions on the NY boards and I hope you enjoy your meal, whatever you dedcide.