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Macao Trading Co

Anyone been yet? I'm going on Saturday night and I would love to hear any menu suggestions.

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  1. I went Thursday evening. The cocktails were fantastic. I recommend the Dragon's Milk and the Love Me Long Time. The food was tasty but by no means stellar. The Portuguese lamb meatballs was the best of the dishes I sampled. I'd skip the ribs and the whole sea bass ("Chinese style"), which were competent but unmemorable. Fried milk dessert with grapefruit salad was great.

    1. I was there last Thursday night. It was far from meeting expectations. The space is cool and it will be more of a scene for drinks if they want to survive long term. Im sure they are still working out the kinks on staffing however this was amature night. The food was ok at best I could have had the same meal at Ruby Foo's or PF Changs I was embarassed that I suggested Macao for dinner with friends from San Fran.

      1. I had dinner there twice, loved the portuguese dishes, not so keen at all on the chinese ones. I'm not a big fan of chinese food in general and the flavours weren't as big as in the portuguese style dishes so maybe thats why.
        Favourites include the fennel salad, fried goatcheese and lamb meatballs. and all of the cocktails. nice selection of ports also...

        1. This is a little late but I just ate there this week. I would generally concur with most of the comments. The food was good but nothing truly special with only a few dishes that stood out to me. The portugese meatballs were very good. African chicken was well liked by all. The Chinese ribs were not all that interesting. A few people in our party really liked the portugese Seabass but it seemed ordinary to me. We also liked the rice bacaola and the bok choy sides.

          We had drinks at the bar before dinner and those were all very good. Kudos to the bartender.

          Service seemed pushy to us. Several instances of the bus person taking away plates before people were finished; even mid-fork in one instance.

          On the good news front the place was not overly pricey so that was a pleasant surprise at the end of the meal.

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            Thanks for the suggestions! Went on Saturday night, it was packed. Fun atmosphere, design, and food. We had the meatballs (both Portuguese and Chinese), mushroom croquettes, artichoke and fennel salad, chicken dumplings, lamb chops, chinese short ribs. Great for a group of friends!

            The lounge downstairs had just opened - highly recommend this as well (amazing drinks).

          2. I am going in a few hours. Thanks to everyone who has weighed in. Does anyone have any more insight since these posts from December?

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              i replied to post about it here:


              let us know how it goes and what you order...i'm curious about the new menu

            2. Thanks to everyone for their Macao reviews and posts. My fiance and I went to Macao last night for a 7pm dinner. She drank a Dragon's Milk cocktail which was really quite innovative (and should be for $14) and had a glass of a Greek rose (pass on this), while I had two Belgium ambers that were quite good.

              We split the Portugese lamb meatballs, the artichoke and fennel salad and the fried goat cheese appetizers. The lamb meatballs was by far the standout, and quite frankly, it is the red sauce which makes them so great. The fried goat cheese was a strong #2, though again the grilled onions and red peppers which accompany the goat cheese make the dish. I would not rcommend the fennel salad, as somehow Macao found a way to make a salad with interesting ingredients taste bland and forgettable.

              For the main course, we split the steamed Chinese sea bass and sides of swiss chard and fried race with bacalao. The sea bass was tastier than expected, though, as with the lamb meatballs and fried goat cheese, I thought most of the flavor of the dish came from the sauce (I believe hoisin) on which the entree sat rather than the fish itself. The swiss chard with currants and pine nuts was quite tasty (I expect it was doused in butter) and the fried rice was certainly better than average (the bacalo was a great twist to the dish).

              Finally, we each had a coffee (very good and strong) and split the churros dessert with chocolate on the side, maybe one of the top dishes of the night.

              Overall, I would not return to Macao to eat. It has a great scene, and the service was quite attentative, and, while the food is reasonably priced, it just is not that tasty. I would have a tough time returning knowing that Landmarc is right up the road or Chinatown is a short walk away.

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                I agree with the post above. Fun for the scene (although it's loud), but the food was not that great and I wouldn't go back. The cocktails were good (Dragon's Milk and the kaffir lime-infused gin one). Between four of us we ordered seven or eight small plates and three mains--nothing was bad, but nothing really was memorable, except perhaps the bacalao fried rice. Yes, the lamb meatballs were good. All the greens were tasty too and the "ants crawling up a tree" was a bargain, a huge plate of pork noodles for $11. My friends (who lived in Hong Kong and loved Macanese food for its fusion quality) were disappointed that there was either Chinese or Portuguese food, but not Macanese food (the bacalao fried rice being the one exception).

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                  re: very few Macanese dishes...this is true...when they first opened they had "African chicken" (a standard, traditional Macanese dish) but they told me they took it off the menu because no one ordered it...

                  some homey Macanese seafood stews would improve things...

              2. Went last night with my husband and another couple. The cocktails are what to come for. We had so many different ones between the four of us. I especially liked the Dragon's Milk one and the gin and muddled mint one. So so good and refreshing but remember -- they are $14 a pop! Not particularly impressed with the food. I had higher expectations for the Portuguese lamb meatballs but they were really bland. The mushroom croquettes were probably the best appetizer we ordered. We also ordered the crab dumplings with cilantro dipping sauce and the crispy shrimp wontons. The best entree we had was the glass noodles with pork & chilies. Great! On the more ho-hum side was the tilefish fillet (nicely cooked but very slightly flavored) & the Chinese shrimp. Definitely choose the fried rice & the swiss chard as side dishes.