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Dec 8, 2008 08:57 AM

Best Thai food ever: Jitlada

Thanks to this board, I had the best Thai food of my life last night. Im kind of kicking myself for not getting over there sooner but my God what a Los Angeles treasure. We went straight to the back of the menu for the southern specialties, I only wish I remembered the names. I cannot wait to go back and try more dishes.

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  1. i was there as well last night! i should've order two more of the mango salad w/ shrimp for this morning and for tonight....
    we liked the rice salad (khao yam, i think) but i believe they were going light on the chiles thanks to our blond hair blue eye look, despite my pleas for "thai spicy, very spicy"
    i'm eating the tumeric curry with tea leaves and catfish as i write, only because we destroyed the dry curry last night....

    1. i need to try this place, but i am afraid of too spicy.... trust me i love it, but my stomach does not. can they go mild if i ask?

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      1. re: Clyde

        my SO last night ordered a curry with "medium" spice, which was good, yet not the favorite of the evening. seems like an excess of chiles adds a bit of necessary depth to the flavor, but even toned down, the food was excellent.
        that said, we were in food heaven with the hottest dishes, with red faces, watering eyes, running noses, and huge grins (and she is normally afraid of heat!)

        1. re: Clyde

          Hi Clyde -

          ALL Thai restaurants will make their dishes in mild, medium and hot. Just ask. They want you to come back -- it's good for business.

          For medium append 'pet klang' to your entre such as 'gai ka pow pet klang' for chicken w/mint leaves medium spicy.
          For hot append 'pet ma' This is the way the cooks prepare their own food so you'd better be ready.

          Thai is a context sensitive language so you can't tell the waiter later that you want 'pet klang' -- it won't mean anything.

          Of course, English works too. Enjoy.

        2. I too must thank this board...a much belated thanks. Since late July, we have been going to Jitlada once a week for lunch, eating our way through the southern menu. We are seriously addicted. For those adverse to "spicy", there are dishes that are not..just ask Jazz.. They will also adjust the spice, but I think that toning down compromises the dishes we learned comparing an earlier order of the curry with tea leaves, vs. what we had for lunch last week! (we are now accepted "Thai spice" diners!)

          1. yeah--the southern thai menu has some stunners. the regular menu is more hit and miss.

            1. i've been to jitlada a couple of times and have never been impressed.

              the soft crab curry dish was too sweet.
              the shredded catfish cloud w/ apple (?) is not as good as the one at bua siam.
              the duck curry was not as hot and flavorful as renu nakorn.
              the deep fried turmeric fish was fried too hard and so was not that great.
              the rice salad is ok and about the only thing i sorta enjoyed.

              i had other forgettable dishes there too.

              i'd go to jitlada just to say i went but i'm not impressed. bua siam, renu nakorn, swan, etc. have better food.

              plus, when i go to these places, they actually make it hot when i say make it hot. jitlada never makes my food hot enough. it's always bland. it takes them forever to make your order. this place is completely overrated.

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              1. re: clearly

                I agree with you on the deep-fried turmeric fish. Hard, bony, and dry. Don't get that. The whole deep-fried fish, on the other hand, was fabulous.

                Jitlada does have a problem with properly spicing the dishes. You might have to sweet-talk the waitress a bit. What works best for me is I explain to her that last time I ordered the food very spicy, but it was too mild, and could they please season it the way they would for a Thai person. It works sometimes.

                I have been impressed with Ruen Pair's willingness to put some fire in their dishes. I've never been served something unacceptably mild there; all I have to do is say "very spicy".