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Dec 8, 2008 08:56 AM

New Year's Eve Dinner in NOLA


My family is visiting NOLA over New Year's and I'm looking for a dinner recommendation. I'd like something that's moderately priced/not too fancy -- we'd like some good local cuisine. Since it's for NYE, something festive would make it fun.

If it were up to me, there are a dozen places I'm sure I'd want to try, but my parents aren't quite as foodie as me though they appreciate a good meal. I just want them to enjoy dinner without sticker shock.

Thanks for any suggestions!!!

Oh yeah, somewhere near the Quarter or convention center would be optimal -- we're staying near there and it would just make things easier.

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  1. wherever you go, book it now. be advised, most places do a prix fixe that can be more expensive than eating on any other night. seatings can be early or timed for the fireworks/midnight celebrations.

    check out Muriel's:
    they are doing a prix fixe as well as a la carte and are located on Jackson Square, if you want to be near the riverfront for the fireworks at midnight,

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      That's where I went last year for NY ever and it was LOUD! Service was really bad. I'd do August, Bayona, Galatoire's, but just not Muriel's. It was the low point of our five day culinary mecca through NOLA. We ate at hole in the walls that were overall more satisfying. The prefix menu didn't sound bad, but the portions were small and the food arrived at the table cold. I'm not kidding...this was the worst culinary experience for us in NOLA. The concierge at Le Pavillion recommended it, but I should have gone to Commander's Palace. At least that place is famous and I still sort of want to try it.

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        that's too bad. not at all my experience with the food and service of Muriel's throughout this year. New Year's Eve can be loud just about anywhere as people celebrate. Muriel's has many different dining areas, some more intimate. Their location right on Jackson Square is going to lend itself to being the hub of activity on New Year's Eve.

        I don't go to restaurants that night to avoid crowds and overpriced NYE menus. But if you are traveling and need to eat dinner out, then you take your chances at possible missteps on what can be a chaotic night of amateur celebration by surrounding patrons.

        Book early for wherever you do want to go. It is also Sugar Bowl weekend, so expect crowds to be huge in the Qtr..

        1. re: jindomommy

          Commander's is light years better than Muriel's.

      2. My recommendation would be EAT on the corner of Dumaine and Dauphine. That's actually where we're going. It's a tiny and quaint little place with a ton of character and the food is really incredible. They have a beautiful christmas tree in there and around 10 the service is really great. For NYE they are having a 4 course meal for $50. But what REALLY makes it affordable is that the place is BYOB...and they charge NO corkage/bottle fee. So you can literally walk in there with 5 bottles of champagne, vodka...or whatever...and they charge you nothing for it.