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Dec 8, 2008 08:13 AM

Where to buy GOOD eggs in Toronto or GTA?

I am tired of bland, lousy, grocery store eggs. I have purchased a couple of different organic types from Whole Foods; at about $6.00 per dozen, I was pretty unimpressed although they were a bit tastier.

My understanding is that it all comes down to what they eat. Any ideas, suggestions, thoughts, recommendations?

I would not mind paying so much, if the taste warranted it.

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  1. What about St. Lawrence Market (north side of Front St.) on Saturdays? I haven't been in a while, but I'm sure you'll find a farmer selling farm fresh eggs. I can't guarantee they'll be certified organic, but the person selling them should be forthcoming about what the chickens are fed and their living conditions. Hopefully a small farm will take more care with the chickens, which will in turn, improve their eggs. Other than that, you might try some Google searches for farmer's markets or farms that are willing to sell to the public. It would make for an interesting weekend drive in the country.

    I'm not an egg lover, but my SO is. Any eggs sold in grocery stores seem to have very weak flavour, whether they're free range, organic, omega-3 enhanced or just plain old factory eggs. They're all pretty poor, IMO. The best eggs I've ever eaten were in Tunisia, where the chickens wander free and peck at whatever specks they can find in the dirt. I saw many a chicken foraging in refuse. What can I tell you? The eggs were fabulous. The yolks were orange and the hard cooked ones that we often bought on the street peeled like a dream. Mass production of anything, be it a vegetable, an animal or dairy, just reduces it to a poor cousin of its original incarnation.

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    1. re: 1sweetpea

      Thanks for the reply. Truth is, I'm not overly concerned with the organic aspect - but I do suspect that whoever is marketing the elusive tasty egg is probably doing it organic.

      Is St. Lawrence Market only on Saturday? I've had that notion in the back of my mind and, since I keep the Jewish Sabbath, it rules it out as a place for me.

      1. re: szmeterling

        The Clark's only come to the Saturday North market.
        Their eggs are the freshest that I have found.
        They taste much better than the supermarket stuff, but do not have golden yolks, or the true brilliant taste of eggs overseas, where most eggs are free range (bug eaters).
        In a pinch I buy the organic eggs from Rowe's available at Loblaws.
        They seem a bit better than the others widely available.
        How long Loblaws stores them, I don't know.
        I can tell you that I wanted to buy some tru-taste milk at Loblaws on Dec. 3rd. and the milk was dated the 3rd...
        Check the date!!!

        1. re: erly

          You're so right erly
          I had eggs in switzerland this past fall and I could not believe just how eggy those eggs were! Everywhere I went the eggs were just phenomenal. Like egg flavour dialed up to 11

          I've never had an egg like that in North America.

          How close to the Clarks' eggs ceom to european eggs on a scale of 1-10? 10 being spot on and 1 being powdered eggs

          1. re: CoffeeAddict416

            I'd choose organic eggs in North America and Western Europe simply because I can't bear the idea of battery chickens raised in appalling conditions and fed hormone and drug-addled feed designed to keep them from infecting one another in such close quarters and to keep them pumping out (inferior) eggs. Organic is no guarantee of superior flavour, just superior farming practices. Ideally, I love the idea of supporting independent farmers, which is why I suggested St. Lawrence north. You can certainly buy eggs Tuesday - Saturday at the regular (south side) market, but there is no guarantee that they won't be pretty much the same tasteless product you're buying in the big grocery chains.

            In-a-pinch solution: find a friend who's willing to pick up some eggs for you on Saturdays. Invite him or her to a meal at your house to compensate for his or her efforts.

            1. re: 1sweetpea

              just in response to the organic statement...unfortunately, eggs from hens kept in battery cages who are fed "organic" food can still be labelled as "organic". buyer beware--"organic" does not necessarily mean "humanely raised"

              1. re: freebee

                My Darling Niece and hubby are just starting to raise chickens west of Strathroy, near London. They have to confront the predator problem and did it this way
                the movable chicken coop goes down a selected path each day
                There are only a few dozen chicks so far, but the project looks good, and they will have good eggs to sell soon.

                1. re: freebee

                  Are you sure this is the only requirement? According to a booklet I received (put out by the Ministry of Agriculture), the requirement of organic eggs is much greater:

                  "CERTIFIED ORGANIC" eggs are produced under Quality Assurance International organic standard. Hens are fed with certified organic feed, and have access t outdoor range whenever the weather permits. Stocking rate is 132 - 295 sq" per hen based on cubic space."

                  Could you direct me to a reliable source for your information that states the only requirement for organic eggs is that the hens be fed organic feed? (Now, whether certified organic = humanely raised is another matter...)

                  1. re: Full tummy

                    The hens/layers must have been produced from organically raised chickens too.

              2. re: CoffeeAddict416

                Unfortunately I would give them a 5 out of 10..
                However most eggs available here would get a 3.
                I am going to try Embee's suggestion of Fresh From The Farm, just have to google to find the exact location location, will pick some up this week, and I will give feedback.

          1. I know what you're looking for and Clark's eggs are not going to cut it. The closest I've found is an egg guy who sometimes sells at the Dufferin Grove farmer's market - but you need to get there RIGHT at 3pm because he sells out fast...

            1. Fresh from the Farm on Donlands sells farm fresh eggs. They're open Tues-Sat.

              1. Wow! My first post on Chowhound & so many helpful, knowledgeable replies. Thanks.

                I only just remembered that there was an egg place in Kensington Market ?on Augusta?

                I may try them out when I get a chance (more convenient for me than St. Lawrence) but would like to hear if anybody has bought there, do they just have standard cardboard-y eggs?

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                1. re: szmeterling

                  the egg place in Kensington closed about a year ago

                  1. re: blogs

                    But they re-opened at 1289 Caledonia Road.