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What food gives you butterflies in your stomach?

Is there any food, that you not only love to eat, but is SO good, that you actually get a happy feeling before you eat it? I haven't had it for a while but:

Ben and Jerries milkshake (big scoop or two of your favorite flavour and about a pint of cold skimmed milk)
Some chilli I made once (with casserole steak) and ate in taco shells. God, I was sad to see the last of that go. Only lasted a day.
Macaroni cheese - sourced the finest cheeses, used breakfast milk, and made a perfect roux. My girlfriend says it was the best cheese sauce (bechemal) she'd ever seen, and she hardly ever goes above "mmm, yeah good". Did a little dance while it was cooking and served it on top of two delicious, perfectly grilled dry-cured bacon slices.
And occasionally some really good cheese with fresh French bread.

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  1. Ooh yeah, French bread with butter and a glass of ice water. There's more, to start potato latkes with sour cream. Too many to list right now!

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      I remember going to brasserie blanc too for the first time; they started us with (free) freshly baked bread with butter and/or olive oil. Damn, that Raymond Blanc knows his stuff!

    2. Lobster does this to me. And sometimes snow crab legs. :) They both make me croon happily. :) I'm a bug eater...

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        I agree! Lobster, steamers..any crustacean from the ocean really.
        Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch Ice Cream
        Thick Coffee Frappe's with coffee syrup
        Porterhouse Steaks.
        Fried Calamari from my favorite restaurant

      2. Bacon
        Mom's Pot Roast
        Cadbury Flake bars

        1. Chuao chocolates - Whenever I'm lucky enough to be near a store I get big butterflies!
          Al's Italian Beef - The thought of standing in the original store in "the stance" going in for that first bite - oh my!
          At home: Fire roasted chicken enchiladas (link below), burrata cheese - the essence of fresh cheese, grilled corn on the cob with salt, lime juice and freshly ground pepper.


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            Just looked at that enchilada recipe a few hours ago. Looks good! I'm planning to try it out at some point.

            1. kalua pig, or laulau, with rice. I grew up in Hawaii and miss the food there so much. Kalua pig is so amazingly good, I definitely get a very excited happy feeling before eating it. laulau would be a close second. I would have a hard time making either one properly here on the mainland, especially since I've never made either one before. Ti leaves aren't in my produce section.

              1. A curry from my local Indian restaurant here in the UK; just the thought of the poppadoms with chutneys, the stuffed paratha and the various delicious marinaded meats in beautiful sauces makes my heart miss a beat...and the smile on my face lasts for a whole day afterwards!

                1. Butterflies, of course!

                  Seriously, grilled cheese.

                  1. Fresh, just opened oysters with a spritz of lemon.

                    1. Anything, other than Sprite or chicken stock. I had a colonoscopy yesterday, that was my diet, plus sitting mere feet from a toilet for four and more hours. They said I could eat anything, so I did. Guacamole, augmented (with restaurant pemission) fresh jalapenos and tomatoes from my patio farm. Also, carne asada, lump crab enchiladas, and fish tacos, made my day. I even drove home from the restaurant, gasp, no operating heavy machinery, as my wife had three margaritas. Thank you, El Tiempo, Houston. Oh, melly, why didn't I think of freshly shucked oysters for dessert?

                      1. Beluga & Dom, dream on Markie, it's been 40 years!!

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                          A perfectly fried pile of french fries....

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                            A juicy med rare burger on a buttery soft roll topped with sauteed onions and gorgonzola cheese. Add a side of well done homemade shoestring fries and the butterflies start to flutter!

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                              A real taco al pastor. I'm for real now

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                                mmm... my homemade onion burger. With all the extras you mentioned

                            1. Korean BBQ Short ribs with white rice
                              Mac and Cheese
                              Lengua Burrito

                              1. Perfectly done broiled scallops with lemon butter.
                                A grilled steak medium rare.
                                Chinese spare ribs on the bone.
                                Bertucci's chicken wings - they aren't hot wings, but are charbroiled with olive oil, rosemary, lemon, garlic and pepper.
                                A grilled chicken caesar salad where everything is fresh fresh fresh and the chicken is hot and juicy

                                1. Momos, laab & khao niyao, inarizushi, mondongo, morning street tamales, broiled tuna cheeks, night street tacos, mid-day almost street bread straight from the tandoor, musubi with ume, manisoba, lau lau, any smoked fish or meat or duck, a good burger, a good street hot dog, ravioli in Italy, bierocks, and the rustic cheeses and fresh hot very rustic breads in Tarija, Boliiva, in a time that no longer exists.

                                  1. Tom Kha Gai
                                    Well-salted crispy french fries
                                    Avocado, in the shell, with just a sprinkle of salt and squeeze of lime

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                                      Really good quality sashimi. Perfectly steamed lobsters make my heart flutter, particularly if they are full of coral (roe). Anything with white truffles (even black ones make me happy). I once received a 6-month wine and cheese-of-the-month subscription as a gift. One of the cheeses that arrived one month was a Friulano style cow's milk cheese that was generously studded with flecks of black truffle. It was an aphrodisiac for the tongue. I try to avoid cheeses, since I am a dangerous cheese addict despite being lactose intolerant, but a stinky Cabrales or Roquefort will put me on cloud nine.

                                    2. My husband claps and does a small jumping motion as I plate duck leg confit and crispy.

                                      When I know champagne is close to being popped my voice raises an octive or so and I start talking in song.

                                      When we are shucking a pile of oysters I sometimes do a little dance of glee.

                                      When I sauteed foie gras for the first time I think I let out a "woohoohoooooo"

                                      I am an exuberant gal.

                                      1. Lol I'm really sensitive to these things so anything that tastes good makes me do that XD!

                                        But most recently, I was eating at a Szechuan restaurant (cuisine was Szechuan not the location) and I started laughing because their white fish poached in chili oil was that good. And their potato cakes too.

                                        1. chipotle chocolate pots de creme. serious butterflies.

                                          1. Purely for taste:
                                            Fresh Roasted Corn with lime, chili pepper, garlic and salt
                                            Tabbouleh - light on bulghur wheat, and all smiles. My SO was laughing at how smiley and bouncy I was eating it today.
                                            Dim Sum Sesame balls
                                            Bubble Tea - Thai Tea with Boba, or Fruity Teasanes with Jellies
                                            Root Vegetable and Chicken Soup with Mazto Balls - it may be related to spending half the day cooking it and my subsequent expectations

                                            Taste and Memory:
                                            Potato Latkes with applesauce and sea salt - family recipe, no processor here - only grated knuckles
                                            Passover Honey Cake - it's cake, I can eat it, and it doesn't taste like cardboard!!!
                                            Raw Honey - can anyone have honey and not smile?
                                            Rosemary - grows wild in Jerusalem, I can't smell it or taste anything with it without being almost overwhelmed by happy memories

                                            1. My wife made her beef stroganoff last week, and I was looking forward to it so much that I might have danced a small jig in the aisle at Russo's when I was buying the mushrooms to put in it.

                                              1. I had some really nice smoked salmon on a hot bagel with roule, which was lovely. And I'm looking forward to some xmas pudding with brandy cream. All half price at this time of year, and I was too full for xmas pud at xmas