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Dec 8, 2008 07:29 AM

What food gives you butterflies in your stomach?

Is there any food, that you not only love to eat, but is SO good, that you actually get a happy feeling before you eat it? I haven't had it for a while but:

Ben and Jerries milkshake (big scoop or two of your favorite flavour and about a pint of cold skimmed milk)
Some chilli I made once (with casserole steak) and ate in taco shells. God, I was sad to see the last of that go. Only lasted a day.
Macaroni cheese - sourced the finest cheeses, used breakfast milk, and made a perfect roux. My girlfriend says it was the best cheese sauce (bechemal) she'd ever seen, and she hardly ever goes above "mmm, yeah good". Did a little dance while it was cooking and served it on top of two delicious, perfectly grilled dry-cured bacon slices.
And occasionally some really good cheese with fresh French bread.

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  1. Ooh yeah, French bread with butter and a glass of ice water. There's more, to start potato latkes with sour cream. Too many to list right now!

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    1. re: Kate is always hungry

      I remember going to brasserie blanc too for the first time; they started us with (free) freshly baked bread with butter and/or olive oil. Damn, that Raymond Blanc knows his stuff!

    2. Lobster does this to me. And sometimes snow crab legs. :) They both make me croon happily. :) I'm a bug eater...

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      1. re: Morganna

        I agree! Lobster, steamers..any crustacean from the ocean really.
        Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch Ice Cream
        Thick Coffee Frappe's with coffee syrup
        Porterhouse Steaks.
        Fried Calamari from my favorite restaurant

      2. Bacon
        Mom's Pot Roast
        Cadbury Flake bars

        1. Chuao chocolates - Whenever I'm lucky enough to be near a store I get big butterflies!
          Al's Italian Beef - The thought of standing in the original store in "the stance" going in for that first bite - oh my!
          At home: Fire roasted chicken enchiladas (link below), burrata cheese - the essence of fresh cheese, grilled corn on the cob with salt, lime juice and freshly ground pepper.


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          1. re: Phoo_d

            Just looked at that enchilada recipe a few hours ago. Looks good! I'm planning to try it out at some point.

            1. kalua pig, or laulau, with rice. I grew up in Hawaii and miss the food there so much. Kalua pig is so amazingly good, I definitely get a very excited happy feeling before eating it. laulau would be a close second. I would have a hard time making either one properly here on the mainland, especially since I've never made either one before. Ti leaves aren't in my produce section.