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Dec 8, 2008 07:25 AM

The New Mcdonalds "McDouble"?

McD is selling a doublecheesburger with only ONE slice of cheese for $1. They still have the Double Cheeseburger, but it's now $1.29. Anyone seen these yet? Is that extra slice worth 29 cents?

I just wish they sold a 71 cent Double Hamburger with no cheese.

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  1. I'll probably shift my junk food dollars to the McDouble. One slice of their cheese is plenty. Since the cheese is a small step up from gov't cheese, I'd say the extra slice is NOT worth 29 cents. 2.9 cents, maybe.

    1. I normally get a double hamburger for 1.00 myself. Nothing special, but not bad for a buck.

      1. I did a back to back comparison of the McDouble and the double cheeseburger.

        First, I'm glad they kept the double cheeseburger on the menu. For me it is the perfect ration of cheese to burger

        The umami of McDonald’s double cheese burger

        I will pay the extra 29 cents for the cheese. If they replaced it however ... I would have had to write a huffy letter to them.

        That being said, The McDouble is ok. However, the cheese kind of gets lost between the two burgers. It just isn't as cheesy. I'd rather just get a single cheeseburger than the McDouble.

        Actualy having just tried the Wendy's Double stacker for 99 cents, I'd buy that over the McDouble. Same idea with a slice of cheese between two burgers but it is larger and the lettuce tomato and onion give a little extra bulk.

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          The prices are always a little wierd. In our store, it's 5 cents difference between a hamburger and cheeseburger, 19 cents between the mcdouble, and 30 to add it to anything else..... same piece of cheese 3 different prices.

          1. re: rworange

            Thanks for the Double Stacker info. I'll have to give that a try.

            I actually prefer the McDouble. A single slice of cheese is just the right meat-to-cheese ratio for me.

          2. Had a couple of them last week, needed a fix in a pinch. I'm not complaining, for a buck, I'm OK with that.

            1. Where I live the Double Cheese burger is $1.39. I really don't need or miss the extra cheese myself. I had a Big Mac a few months back, have they gotten smaller? It didn't seem bigger than 3 inches in diameter. It was still delicious as a twice a year indulgence with an ice cold slightly watery ( just how I like it) orange drink.