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Dec 8, 2008 07:24 AM

Where did you have the best buffet ever?

The biggest and most varied buffet we have ever had was Alladin in LV. After we finished we then noticed there was a wrap around side we missed. Since having kids we look closer to home. Where and when did you experience the best buffet? (AB bound). Can be any kind.. ie brunch, dinner, Indian, Chinese, NA.

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  1. Tough to compare any buffet with Las Vegas. Esp. Alladin or my favorite at the Paris Hotel.

    Having said that, Brunch in Banff at the Banff Springs is very good. Great variety, very good quality and if you like winter, the atmosphere is great as well.

    1. Best of my life: Cocina y Cia in Buenos Aires

      My favourite Calgary buffet is the lunch buffet at Sahara. In the area, definitely Banff Springs.

      1. Banff Springs brunch gets a third vote. I was there when I was 14 or so (8 years ago now), and it was amazing. That meal was the first time I had both venison and rabbit.

        1. Best buffet evah was on our cruise on Oceania (the Insignia). It was utterly amazing, even better than the Banff Springs. However, now that we are on solid ground, I fourth the Banff Springs, and the Palliser here in Calgary is a close second. Holidays at the Springs get special items such as a gigantic chocolate fountain with lemon poppyseed cake, fruit and marshmallows, plus special seafood items. Service is fantastic, with real silver and linen. Well worth the money.

          Best Vegas buffet so far has been Wynn, hands down. Gotta love those baby candy apples.

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            Re: Las Vegas buffets - I did a comparison of Wynn vs Bellagio buffets (dinners on consecutive nights) and have to add another vote for Wynn as they had amazing selection, meats were executed well, and lots of interesting twists and non-classic offerings.

          2. We have tried many of the Vegas buffets and every time we try a buffet other than Wynn's we wish we HAD gone to Wynn's! For theWORST in vegas (I know this is the wrong board...but I did not start this part of the thread) without doubt: the buffet at Caesars. We rate it the worst buffet ever.

            As for Edmonton: The buffet at Pradera *in the Westin) for New Years has, in the past, been amazing. Haven't been there in a few years though. The Pradera remains one of our favourite restos in Edmonton. Rarely busy; consisitent often inspired food. One server, Don has been there over 20 years.