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Dec 8, 2008 07:23 AM

shipping delicious new york pizza to la [moved from Manhattan board]

i have a friend who recently moved to la and is missing new york pizza. has anyone ever tried shipping to the west coast? i'm sure it won't taste great, but maybe it will be good enough to remind him of home. any thoughts appreciated!


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    1. While it's a sweet thought, I can't imagine it tasting that good, especially for what it'll end up costing. Plus the pizza is best when it's been cooked in a high heat oven which people don't have at home. What about asking on the board of the town he/she lives in for the best NY style pizza and getting a gift certificate to it. You might not find it as authentic as he's used to but it still might be better than having it shipped across the country and cooking it in a regular home oven. And, might help him discover a new place or two.

      1. Actually those prices are not bad if one considers what it would cost if you tried to ship on your own via FedEx. If you have a pizza oven stone that will help in the re-heating as it will in any home-made pizza.

        1. Shipping pizza from NY to LA just can't be good. LA has some very good versions of NY Pizza that I'm sure would be better than ridiculously expensive day old pizza shipped from NY.

          Tell your friend to get himself to Vito's on La Cienega or Joe's in Santa Monica. There is also a chain called Mulberry Street. One of these should certainly take care of his NY pizza Jones.

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            OMG Vito's. YUM Also depending on where he is Brownstone Pizza in Eagle Rock is very good

          2. I am going to dissent here and say that it is doable. Mostly on the idea, that your friend will just be so happy for you thinking of it and the effort. That said, buy your fave NY pizza. Let it cool, cut it into slices and wrap in foil to freeze it and then ship it over night packed in dry ice. I often freeze leftover pizza, and while it may not be quite as good as fresh, it is darn good and prob better than what your friend is getting! ;)