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Dec 8, 2008 06:58 AM

30th birthday dinner recommendation

hey there,
going to dinner for my 30th this week with close friends (just 6 of us total). I'd love a really nice dining experience with great food in a nice but not stuffy environment. a few options on the table that i'd love feedback on:

Blue Duck (I've been before and think it's lovely but doesn't blow my mind - thoughts?)
Restaurant Eve (never been and heard it's great?)
Ceiba (more fun and festive although slightly less amazing food than others in this list, right?)
Komi (is it outrageously expensive and worth it?)

Other suggestions?

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  1. Is there a budget you are working with because from my experience Restaurant Eve is pretty pricey. And while I've never been to Komi I think it is on the higher end as well (also if you are looking to go this week and don't already have a reservation for Komi you might be out of luck.)

    I personally really liked Blue Duck Tavern, especially if everyone in the group enjoys meat---their duck, veal, etc is their strong point. It doesn't have the most festive atmosphere though.

    How about Central? The food is great, the atmosphere is upbeat and its far from stuffy.

    I also held my bf's 30th birthday part at Cafe Atlantico and we had a great meal, with excellent service and yummy, yummy drinks.

    1. Restaurant Eve ties for one of my favorite restuarants in this area (my other favorite is Obelisk). I am always blown away by the food, drink, and service when I am there. I really like Blue Duck as well, but I would put it on a level slightly below Eve, although Blue Duck's braised beef short ribs definitely rival the best I've had.

      I also second Elyssa's recommendation of Central if your looking for something a little less formal and more of a bistro feel.

      Haven't been to either Ceiba or Komi, but Komi is next on list to try - everyone I've talked to has definitely said it was worth it.

      1. Is this the type of meal you'd only have once every ten years? If so, mabye the Inn at Little Washington is for you because it's more than just a meal. You drive out there, stay at a B&B (not at the actual IALW) and enjoy the food in a relaxed setting.

        Don't want to go out of town and still want something extravagant? Try Citronelle's tasting menu (the most expensive meal in DC), Komi's tasting menu (small bites of every sort, from raw fish to roasted goat ), or the Minibar (wonderfully weird and fun). Eve is a great restaurant with great execution but not as unique as the other restaurants mentioned (Eve's cooking is like comfort food compared to the others).

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        1. re: Ericandblueboy

          Not a fan of Blue Duck- I think it is over-rated, and far from festive.
          Komi is wonderful and unique!!!

        2. I think Komi won't take reservations for more than 4 (who knows whether it's "worth it", but I'm glad I got to go). Likewise, trying to get Minibar reservations for 6 seems unlikely (Restaurant Eve would be hard enough on short notice). I don't think Cityzen is too stuffy (if that fits your budget and you can get a reservation there)

          I think I'd pick Oyamel over Ceiba for "fun and festive" but it might not be as nice as you're looking for.

          1. Certainly not as high end as Komi or Restaurant Eve, but Rasika could be another good option. I think it's the best Indian in the city and they have some really interesting drinks too!

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