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Dec 8, 2008 06:15 AM

Early dinner on Saturday, Don't want to feel alone..Icarus?

Wife and I are dinning early on Saturday becuase we're going to an 8PM show. The thing I hate most about dinning early when you're in a restaruant that's open and you look and feel like you're the only ones inthe place.

We were thinking Icarus becuase it's dimly lit and the seating is "cozy". Is this true? would this be a good place for and early dinner where we wouldn't feel out of place? Has anyone been recently enough to comment on an up to date menu? our other thought was Pigalle but we've been there a few times already and want soemthing different. Any other ideas?


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  1. I'd suggest Hamersley's Bistro because you won't be alone, even if you arrive early. They fill up rather quickly on a Saturday evening and they are only a couple of blocks away from Icarus. Right at this moment they had both 5:30 and 6:00 pm reservations available on open table.

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      Not sure where your show is, but the Bristol will be busy on the early side. Maybe Davio's or Avila altho they're not particularly cozy. The bar at KO Prime is pretty fun and cozy but maybe you want a full dining experience.

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        My wife is pregnant so the focus will be on food and as you said, the full dining experience. Thanks for the recos. We would like to stay around the theater district.

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        I'm a fan of both Icarus and Hamersley's, and the service is friendly in both, you won't feel weird about eating early at either one.

      3. I find it hard to beat "Teatro" for befor the theatre. It's got terrific food, good wine by the glass, nice service and needless to say, the right location. Make reservations.

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          I agree, Teatro is very good. But we want to try some place we have not been. Is it telling that there has been no mention of Icarus in anyone's responses, I wonder?

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            BobB above mention both Icarus and Hamersley. I like both these restaurants too....but not having been there for a while, I can't comment on an up-to-date menu.

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              Icarus on a Saturday during the holidays will be plenty busy.

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                I had a really good meal at Icarus during restaurant week last spring (? can't remember the month?). I always hesitate to judge a restaurant based on RW food, but on the other hand good RW food should be a point in favor. It was a cozy somewhat old-school-stuffy atmosphere- lots of dark wood, dimly lit. I think you would have a nice meal, but I can't really speak to whether it would be full on the early side.

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                  Icarus is very nice. Have had somne very good meals there, and have also had some so-so times. I happen to be a fan of Chris Douglas'. I like his touch on seafood and chicken.

              2. I've had two excellent meals at Icarus lately, as well as some good wines by the glass so you can indulge. The cannelloni in particular was a nice start to the dinner.

                1. Icarus has some booths, which are cozy. I'd request one when you reserve. I like the food, service and ambiance there a lot. Once I ate there on the late side with a friend. There were only two other parties left in the restaurant, and it felt surprisingly un-weird. We kind of felt alone in our booth anyway, so it didn't matter what was going on around us. Don't forget to order the souffle when you place your dinner order if you want it.

                  1. Quick thoughts on the dinner. Inspite of this post, and becuase of all the snow, we were the ONLY people in Icarus on Sat. but I suspect that most establishments were slow that night and can't complain about it.

                    First impression of the room- it looked tired. The carpet, art, and tables are in need of an update. Not even so much interms of style- everything looked overused and worn down.

                    Food- I started with the Chef's Pasta Whim. This night it was house made Tagiatelle with Duck Confit. This was very good.
                    For the main I had braised Ham Hocks with Cranberry beans. The ham was dry and flavorless- really one of the worst meals I've had in a long time.
                    For Dessert we shared the molten cake for two. This was very good. Highlight of the meal.
                    Overall I wouldn't go back. I thought the menu was overpriced and boring. There are better places to spend money. This would be a good, conservative place, if you're dinning with elderly parents or the culinary unadventurous. If you're a chowhound, there are just too many other options in the area that are only a stones throw away.

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                      Sorry to hear that. One can only hope that the food part of the experience was a fluke - maybe the weather had some effect on either deliveries or staffing? I haven't been in there in a year or so and the last time it was not all spiffy-new but certainly not as run down as you describe. Sad if it is going downhill, I was involved tangentially in their opening back in the '80s (I installed the sound system for them), and it was one of the first really creative restaurants in the South End back in those early days of gentrification.

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                        I've been a fan of Icarus for many years, but on my last visit -- about a year ago -- it was not very good and I haven't been in a hurry to go back. It's a shame to penalize a place for one bad meal, particularly one that has been so good for so long, but there are just too many good alternatives.