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Dec 8, 2008 05:18 AM

Recommendations: Maryland Eastern Shore in Winter

After our wedding in February, my husband (ack!) and I will be staying at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay for a few days (Monday through Wednesday). From what we've read, the hotel's restaurants are nothing special. Does anyone have recommendations for good food in the general area? 'Good' is the key work here. We like to eat ... all cuisines and all different types of food. We also enjoy the occasional splurge. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. Easton and St. Michael's have some really great places, but I haven't been in a while, but if you search the board for either you will get a good number of threads from this summer.

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      Congrats on your soon to be nuptials! Trust me, it takes a long time to get used to saying "husband." We got engaged in St. Michael's so the eastern shore is our special go-to weekend spot. Below are the stand outs:

      St. Michael's:
      - 208 Talbot
      - The Restaurant at the Inn at Perry Cabin (extremely expensive and definitely a splurge kind of place, though I actually prefer 208's just across the street).
      - The pub at the Inn is a great (and much less expensive place to hang out, very cozy especially in the winter)

      Tilghman's Island:
      Tilghman Island Inn (a local's treasure)

      Scossa's (Italian)
      the Thai place in town (former chef at the Inn at Easton)

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        We recently stayed at Tilghman Island Inn for a long weekend. The Inn was great, the owners are lovely, but the food was lousy. The menu was trying way too hard, and we really didn't enjoy any of it, for what it's worth.

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          Bummer. Sorry to hear that. We were there a year ago (for new year's eve) and had one of the best seafood meals we've ever had. Funny, I didn't think the Inn looked like anything special (though I really only saw the lobby), but LOVED the owners and our meal. I wonder if they've changed chefs.

    2. There's a nice Sunday brunch in a former country club alongside a river-- the Hyatt should know what I'm talking about (if another poster doesn't).


      1. If you want to try a sort of old-style Eastern-Shore seafood house, try the unfortunately-named Suicide Bridge Restaurant. There's a lengthy review here:

        I tried it once and liked it, though it would be better in the summer when you can sit outside and enjoy the setting. The crabcakes were fantastic but the chowder was too rich and floury for my taste. It's pretty much in the middle of nowhere so get good directions if you go.

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          You might want to search the Mid-Atlantic board.

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            We had a disappointing experience at Suicide Bridge on Sunday evening. Service was friendly, but the food was lacking. The cream of crab soup tasted like cream of potato - very little flavor, with what I would swear was hunks of potato in it. The crab dip did not have much flavor either. Crab cakes, on the other hand, were full of herbs, but still disappointing. I prefer the Timbuktu style, with big hunk of jumbo lump - Suicide Bridge's were not lacking in crab meat (although they did not have any jumbo lump in them), they did have tons of herbs - I felt like they had been made with a stuffing mix. Not the worst I have ever had by any means, but not my favorite either. My DH had an oyster combo- fried oysters, oysters rockefeller, suicide oysters and oyster stew. The only ones he cared for were the fried oysters - the other two did not have much taste. Dinner for the 2 of us was about $53 before tip.

          2. I have not been but have heard good things about this place.


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              Wow! Here I thought the only thing in Trappe, MD was Pop's Goose Picking.

            2. Bistro Poplar in Cambridge; Masons and Out of the Fire in Easton; Bistro St. Michaels would also be a good option -- check with the St. Michaels restaurants though - historically a few of them close for several weeks during the Winter slow season. A 30 minute or so drive from Camrbidge towards the Atlantic would be Solstice in Berlin.

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                We just had a great dinner at Mason's in Easton (24 minutes from the Hyatt). We started with oysters on the half shell, and a tomato and onion tart - YUM! The tart was layers of tomato and carmelized onions, topped with balsamic vinegar. Out of this world. The oysters were good too! For dinner, we both opted for the lite fare menu and had burgers. They were tasty, served with a side of fries that had spices and shaved parmesan on them. VERY GOOD. For dessert, hubby had the chocolate bourbon pecan pie and I had the chocolate and vanilla creme brulee. I think I will be dreaming about that for weeks to come!! Dinner for two was $83 before tip. Service was quick and friendly. We will go back!