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One or Plates or 42 or other suggestion for special dinner?

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Our anniversary is coming up this month, and I'd like to go somewhere special in Westchester that I haven't been to before. Right now, I'm thinking maybe One in Irvington, Plates in Larchmont or 42. I know there's an active thread on 42 now, but any recent opinions on the others? Any other suggestions? Ambiance is important, but the quality of the food is more important. I know people automatically offer X20 as "the" occasion restaurant, but though I really like it, I've been there several times and want to try a restaurant that is new to me. And Blue Hill doesn't really appeal for some reason. Any thoughts would be welcome.

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  1. Plates would be my choice. How about Restaurant X in Congers?

    Westchester is a wasteland for special occasion restaurants, so that's about it, outside of X20.

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      Where and what type of place is Plates?

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        Eclectic American cuisine, on Myrtle Blvd. in Larchmont:


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          I do too, wincountrygirl. Since The Arch went downhill and Harrald's closed, my choice of outstanding/special occasion restaurants (and especially those with everything, like Harrald's had) in Westchester and beyond is severely limited.

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            dolores, I loved Harralds! Does restaurant x have that old world charm and personal touch like Harralds had? I have not been to X but would be willing to give it a try if you all like it and it compares to the old Arch and Harralds. What in particular is it that gives x the high marks?

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              xecuchef, it was a sad day when Harrald's decided to leave the restaurant business. The man (and his wife and staff) were amazing.

              Restaurant X has ambience, realllllly nice ambience. I went there for brunch, I still haven't made it to dinner. The service was impeccable and the food I had was delicious. I think one of the choices was lamb chops - I didn't have them but they were pronounced delicious. Sorry, I cannot remember what I had.

              Also, the champagne was unlimited. The only complaint I had was the amount of the desserts. While they might have been enough (there was a finite number for the table) for a normal person, I am not 'normal' when it comes to dessert.

              On your question, no Restaurant X does not have the personal touches or old world charm that Harrald's had, but I can't say I've found another place that does. The Iron Forge Inn in Warwick (haven't gotten there) is supposed to be similar, have you been?

              I would recommend Rest. X, xecuchef.

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                How about Buffet De LaGare. Original owners took the place back and did some refurbishing..

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                  Thanks dolores. No I have not been to The Iron forge, actually never even heard of it so I'll take a look. It is sad to say but I don't think there will ever be a place quite like Harralds. Hard to find a place with so much love and pride put into a restaurant and boy did it show. I'll keep searching. Maybe one day we will find it. It's too bad but my hopes are not high.

          2. Plates.

            X is also very good, but has a very different vibe than X20, more country, if that's what you're looking for.

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              I'll be at Restaurant X the week before for a brunch celebration, so I think it will be too soon to go back for my anniversary dinner. I think I'll give Plates a try.

            2. I've been to all the restaurants talked about here, and I have to go with Plates. I feel the setting really fits with the food, I remember having a very nice evening and the price isn't a killer. I wish I could remember the wine I had, a very small produce, that I remember.

              1. I also think highly of Plates. Have been twice and enjoyed it both times. It's a smaller, more personal-style (personal to Chef Karp, who is quite talented) restaurant that is comfortable, not fancy or fussy.

                1. I have not tried 42 (although MH Reed gave it an "excellent" this past weekend, which is very rare for her), but have been to One once and Plates numerous times. I wasn't that impressed with One. Plates is special occasion, without being too fussy. And the food is really first rate. Make sure you ask for one of the tables on the left (as you face the restaurant area from the bar). The right hand side is all booths, very tight quarters.

                  1. We ended up going to Plates for our anniversary dinner and we really enjoyed it. Thank you to all who recommended it. The atmosphere was lovely and cozy, the service was gracious and the food was excellent. Interesting wine list, too.

                    I started out with the grilled calamari, which was served chilled and stuffed with rice and chorizo (very good) and my husband had the charcuterie platter. He loved the mini rubin served with it. For entrees I had the scallops served with corn puree, green and wax beans and thinly sliced potatoes. It was a very generous serving-- the scallops were moist and sweet and the flavor combinations were delicious. My husband had the roasted chicken breast, served with risotto and roasted butternut squash and some other things that I forget. We were too stuffed for dessert, but they brought some freshly baked cookies with our coffee. And best of all, the meal was nicely paced and we enjoyed a pleasant, leisurely anniversary dinner.

                    I don't know why I haven't been there before, living so close, but we will definitely return. Plates and Meritage rank as my two favorite finds this year.

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                      Glad you liked it. Glad it is still top notch, since when we were there one of the managers (owners?) told us he was leaving the next day for NYC.

                      If you like it as much as Meritage, then it is as it was when I was there. Excellent, I have a whole five places now on my 'outstanding' list!

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                        Dolores, try Iron Horse in Pleasantville

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                          Thanks, marty. I had them on my 'must try' list, but crossed them off due to some negative words here. Have you been lately, are they still very good?

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                            I usually go any where from three to six weeks between visits. Usually at the last minute where by we are able to get to table in the bar. seats four to five. the restaurant has two seatings, usually. the three course price fix is about $50; don't recall from our last visit. wine list is very reasonable and the corkage charge is minimal, $15. the food is good to excellent. you should try. we are going to Plate's tonight. will report back.