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Dec 8, 2008 02:47 AM

Rain, George, or Perigee?

Hi Chowhounders!

I am taking a friend out for a nice dinner. For myself personally, I'll eat just about anything. But my friend, she's wants to be a vegetarian, but most days, she'll eat fish, and some days red meat as well.

I know these restaurants offer good veggy options. I've heard mixed things about Rain, and mostly good about George and Perigee, but I am always willing to try a restaurant once.

Which of these restaurants would be a good pick?

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  1. Def Perigee. Call ahead and they'll more than accommodate you. They also have a byo of the best meals i've had in Toronto was at Perigee.

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      I remember having a wonderful meal at Perigee as well, but that was over a year and a half ago, and I've heard that things just aren't that great since Pat Riley left...

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        The new chef at Perigee is fantastic, as is his entire crew.

    2. I was taken to Rain a few months ago and was not impressed by their food. In terms of presentation, perhaps not so bad, but there is really not much to eat. If you read like 10 different ingredients in a main on a menu, you would think it's somewhat substantial, but no, I was able to have another full meal on top of what I had eaten (1 app and 1 main each). And I actually did! (went to Second City for a show and ordered a bunch of things)

      And I am not even a big eater.

      1. I took a friend for dinner at George on Saturday and we were both quite pleased with the food and the service. My friend is a vegan and, while they have a vegetarian tasting menu, I requested a vegan tasting menu when I made the reservation. They more than happy to accommodate my request.

        1. George hands down the best meal I've had in my life. Very nice complex flavours that complimented each other in each dish.

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          1. I haven't been to Rain or George, but I had an amazing meal with my boyfriend a few weeks ago at Perigee. If you make a reservation there, ask for a table beside the kitchen and you can watch the chefs work.