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Dec 7, 2008 11:50 PM

Spirited Spirt Storage

I'm in a pickle: I have too much alcohol without an efficient way to store and access it. The bourbons, whiskeys, and ryes are mounting, and the old staples of rum and tequila never seem to wain. And, of course, my pathetic storage option has a polarized relationship with my curiosity for flavor combinations.

Now, I'm sure my paltry 60+ bottle collection pales in comparison to some people on this site, but it still presents a need for a dedicated apartment corner—until it deserves its own room that is.

Does anyone have any recommendations for spirit storage, with a modern—or just not f'n ugly—design? I've been searching high and low for vintage, new, custom, and the likes and it seems to be a pool of bad suburban home decorations and other forms of tackiness. There is one bar cabinet on Crate & Barrel which is (sigh), okay, I guess, but ugly in style and not really diverse in storage capacity.

Suggestions, anyone? Your help would be much appreciated, maybe repaid in the form of a drink?


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  1. I went with shelves from IKEA. The Laxvik line to be exact. I like the modern semi-industrial look.

    There is a pic on Flickr if you'd like to take a look.

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      Word. Cheap, not distracting, and around the corner from me. THAT makes for a solid recommendation. Thank you, oh ShadowedOne.

    2. I use several metro-wire (chrome steel wire) shelves. It's somewhat industrial, but very sturdy and not ugly. the units are about 6" tall and 40" wide and each can hold about 40 bottles on each of 5 shelves.

      1. Knowing little about your style preferences, I can say that most of what is advertised as "bar storage" or "wine bars", etc., is WAY too small for any decent sized collection. I personally use a vintage mahogany buffet with marble top that I purchased at auction. It is much larger than a standard bar cabinet and holds about 60-70 bottles of various sizes. I have plenty of 1.75L sizes in there. Standard modern bar cabinets can't seem to accomodate anything other than a standard size 750ml bottle. If you want extra space in a freestanding piece (as an alternative to shelving), try a buffet cabinet or dining room side unit. Good luck!

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          Thanks. I totally agree—what's sold as bar furniture cannot even begin to accommodate the true spirit enthusiast.