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Dec 7, 2008 10:29 PM


Where can I find good olives?

Not jalapeno stuffed in pimento feta olives. Olives with pits...that taste like fruit.

CM and WF both usually offer one variety like that, but I'd like to taste more.

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    1. Unfortunately, I think CM and WF have the best selection of olives. The middle eastern stores like Phoenicia or Sarah's etc. are cheaper but really do not offer the full range of olives that CM and WF carry. There is a lot of batch to batch variation at these stores but if you are lucky you can find fairly good olives. More frequently they tend to be overly salty or vinegary. On a good day I like the Kalamata at Phoenecia and their Lebanese (quite bitter). For olives closer to what you describe and more balanced and nuanced CM and WF definitely have a very impressive collection albeit pricy relative to the more humble stores. I do not know why you have the impression that they mainly carry but a few non stuffed olives.