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Dec 7, 2008 10:19 PM

Solo Dining In Vegas

I am an L.A. Chowhounder traveling to Vegas for 5 days alone. Any places that are particularly good for solo diners? I will be on the strip but have a car. A trip to LOS will be on the agenda.

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  1. My guess is that the reason you haven't received much of a response is that Las Vegas has to be just about the best city in the world for solo dining. I've been on this board as long as anyone, and I can't remember even a single instance where someone felt badly treated because he or she was dining solo. No need to think you need to eat at a bar -- in my experience, at places high and low, solo diners are treated well.

    1. In August I had a great solo dinner at Alex at The Wynn. If it's in your budget, I highly recommend it. A few years ago, also had a great solo dinner at Le Cirque. Not such a great solo dinner at Picasso though.

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        Dave Feldman has it right. You can eat anywhere you want in Las Vegas and not feel out of place. Even Lotus of Siam, though it helps to be with a group there, if only to be able to sample a range of dishes instead of the few a single diner might be able to handle. I dine alone regularly on my visits to Las Vegas, and have always been treated well, from the top-level Rosemary's, to middle-echelon joints like Todd's Unique and Table 34, to more modest ethnic places off The Strip.

      2. With wheels you have no excuse not to head to Rosemary's. I'd be telling an LA foodie to take the bus there if necessary. With deference to Dave F. grab a seat at the bar and avail yourself of the small plates (cumin gouda with onion compote, yum!) as well as the regular menu. Specials are always worth attention, and the prix fixe lunches and dinners might just be the best overall dining deal in town. gift certificates help soften price even more. Lovely job packing up leftovers, and they travel well.

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        1. re: GroovinGourmet

          Another frequent solo diner here, and another vote for Rosemary's. I do agree with Mr. Feldman. Vegas may be the best solo dining city in the world.

          1. re: foodgimp

            Rosemary's has been on my list for a long time. Glad to here it is good solo. Thanks for the recs!

            1. re: piper2674

              At Rosemary's you might also consider the small "bar" in front of the open kitchen, where you can observe and chat with the friendly cooks.

          2. re: GroovinGourmet

            I also find the bar staff at Rosemary's one of the best around. Very friendly efficient service, they know when to leave you alone or when to stop and chat for a bit. In contrast Bouchon, where I like the food better, I've always found the bar staff a bit cold and clueless at times.

          3. I too am traveling solo in mid January '09 and interested in replies and suggestiomns.

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            1. re: gdiego

              Add me to the list of solo Vegas diners. I just booked a trip for early February--my first solo trip to Vegas--and plan to go on a bit of a food tour. I'm still researching, but have narrowed my list down to the following choices so far:

              B&B Ristorante - I enjoy Mario Batali and this menu is very similar to his NYC flagship Babbo.

              Bouchon - I figure I can't go wrong with Thomas Keller. And this might as close as I ever get to The French Laundry.

              Mesa Grill - Bobby Flay's menu sounds interesting.

              Anyone care to share any experiences with these choices? I'm also open to other suggestions.

              I've always stuck with budget-minded dining while in Vegas in the past, so I thought I would go in the opposite direction this time.

              Thanks in advance for any replies.

              1. re: ries27

                I have dined solo at all three. My first pick is sitting at the bar at Mesa Grill, always have had good service and great food. #2 would be Bouchon, their steak frite was not the best last time I was there (sysco fries don't cut it) but most everything else was great. Last would be B&B, ok food, ok service.

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                  I would recommend against B&B. I've never been to Babbo so I can't compare. I've had good to excellent food both visits there, but the service can be distant, flaky and downright irritating at times. I probably won't go back just based on that. B&B is reviewed extensively on this site so do a search. Consider Enoteca San Marco which is a less fancy, less pricy, more casual Batali option which would be ideal for a solo.

                  Bouchon is a great solo venue. I've had dinner there four times now and three have been stellor and the one bad experience was bad to where we walked after the apps. So actually you can go wrong with Thomas Keller, but my percentage is 75% good.

                  I love Mesa for both lunch and dinner. Have not gone wrong there yet. Menu is varied and really interesting. Food is executed quite well despite the fact that Mr. Flay doesn't spend much time there.

                  Bubble Bar at Guy Savoy is a great solo option. It's not cheap but cheaper than dining in the restaurant. Plus it give the chance to try some of Savoy's signature dishes such as Colors of Caviar, Crispy Seabass and Veal Sweatbreads.

                  I don't like L'Atelier but can't deny that it's a great solo venue. Someone will follow with a glowing rec for it soon.

                  1. re: climberdoc

                    Thanks duck and climberdoc for the information. I'll be sure to report back on my experiences.

                    Both seabass and sweetbreads sound great, so Guy Savoy might just have to go on the list. Vegas really is a foodie Utopia. There are just too many great options!

                    1. re: ries27

                      I've solo dined at Bradley Ogden. It's like they went out of their way to make sure I was having a good time, very good service, and the food is spectacular. It's one of those places that puts a lot of thought into the taste and texture of foods as they mingle in a dish.

                      1. re: elrushbo

                        As stated above, Vegas is great for solo diners. I have had excellent solo dining experiences at Bouchon, Daniel Boulud, Fiamma B&B and Aureole. I have to give an extra tip of the cap to Daniel Boulud for offering me a magazine to read while waiting between courses. That is the only time that has happened and I thought it was an especially nice touch. At Aureole I asked for something to read, but all they had was one of Charlie's cookbooks. One of those reading table books, so it was pleasant to look at during a rather lengthy (and excellent) tasting menu.

                        @Climberdoc: How much do you figure the tab would be for one at GS with a couple of drinks and a fair sampling of the food?

              2. I've solo dined at Del Friscos and Mesa Grill, enjoyed them both tremendously. Probably Del Friscos more than Mesa but it was a slower night and the bartender had more time to stay on top of things for me.