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Dec 7, 2008 10:10 PM

I've noticed a number of Ina Garten fans here...

and I'm wondering, which of her cookbooks is your favorite, and why?

I don't have any of them, but was thinking of adding one to my Christmas list. I do watch her from time to time, and the way she cooks, and what she tends to cook, are what I enjoy, as well. TY.

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  1. I like Family Style the best. The only problem is the servings are for 8-12, so you have to do some math.
    I asked for the new one for Christmas - back to basics.

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    1. re: stellamystar to decide which of the babies is prettiest? If I had to choose I would go with family style first.

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        Eight to twelve, huh? Well, hubby and one kid in particular will take care of ten servings, which leaves two for the rest of us to divide. :-D TY, stella.

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          Family Style is a good cookbook. I like that there are basic go-to recipes as well as others that are not your "normal" family style food.

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            it true I made her chicken with barbeque sauce which came out fine, but I ended up with a quart of sauce which I froze for the future. I dont know if the recipe is from the Family Style cookbook because I found the recipe on the internet.

          2. I have her Parties book. And I often browse her recipes online. I am not a fan of her show but her recipes are fool proof. she has a great recipe for lemon cake that I make a lot as well as a roasted veggie and orzo dish. They are easy recipes too so especially for a newer cook, I think her books are great.

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              I second "Parties"! It makes menu planning and entertaining so easy - and her recipes are easy, simple, and tasty.

            2. Count me in as a fan. There was a thread a earlier this year on this...


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                Oops. I try to do searches here first, and found some threads discussing IG's recipes, but I missed that one, valerie. TY for posting it, and, thanks, everyone, for your patience with the newbie.

                1. re: Steady Habits

                  I like her first one best. I think it's just called Barefoot Contessa Cookbook. Mine is covered with spilled ingredients and the pages sticking together so I can't always read the measurements anymore. :)

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                    I don't know if you found this thread or not, but it's very long and all about Ina's recipes:

                    1. re: Katie Nell

                      I think I missed that one, too, Katie (I think). Well...anyway...if I've seen it before, I don't recall, but I certainly enjoyed reading through it now. Sort of. It was also torture. I'm hungry now...for lemon cake. :-D Thank you for the link.

                2. I have every one of her books including the latest, Back to Basics. The recipes sound wonderful and the pictures are gorgeous. All the tips are fabulous. I can't pick one favorite as I haven't actually prepared any of her recipes except for the margaritas and they were outstanding. I think any of the books would be a welcome addition to any collection.

                  1. I recommend all of them...but the most used in my house is Barefoot Contessa, then Family Style, then Parties. I own them all.