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2 Buck Chuck . . . @ Trader Joes

Any opinions on this stuff?

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  1. It is okay. I have some in my wine rack (2007). I have tried the Chardonnay. It is better than the prior year. Let's put it this way, it wouldn't be my first choice.

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      I believe it's now Three-Buck Chuck ... I just bought some yesterday at $2.99 a bottle ($35.88 a case). Due to Massachusetts liquor laws, it's only sold locally at the TJ's locations in Cambridge, Brookline, and Framingham.

      It'll meet your needs if you are looking for inexpensive wine that looks presentable. I bought about six cases of the merlot and chardonnay for my sister's wedding last summer (they were operating on a shoestring budget) and bought a case yesterday as part of my grandmother's holiday present (she's a big wine drinker, usually opting for wines that are less than $7 a bottle).

      I enjoy dry wine but as I recall the merlot at my sister's wedding was VERY dry. Frankly, I'd be reluctant to buy it for my own consumption. Since TJ's in-store guide lists the cabernet sauvignon as being dryer than the merlot, I shudder to think what it may taste like. As the previous poster suggested, the chardonnay is more enjoyable, although in general it's probably safe to say that you get what you pay for.

      The other options besides the three I've already mentioned are shiraz, sauvignon blanc, white zinfandel, and a new variety called valdiguie -- none of which I've tried.

      I'd say give it a try. Obviously I don't think it's totally horrendous stuff or I wouldn't be foisting it on my grandma. Worst-case scenario if you hate it is that you're only out $2.99!


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        Charles Shaw wines (at least to me), taste like $7.00 bottles of wine. So the fact that you are paying $3.00 for them makes them a value, if you are in the market for a $7.00 bottle of wine. I rarely am, so they are not for me. Don't be fooled into thinking that the Cab will drink like a $30 Cab. It won't. And the Chardonnay cannot hold its own against $19 bottles. They are comparable to Woodbridge wines. And because the wines are produced from bulk juice sourced from the surplus market, the wines will vary from year to year, as there is no continuity insofar as vineyard sources are concerned. So if you like (or hate) a wine one year, that is no indication that future vintages will perform likewise.

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          Uh, no. But I'm glad you enjoy it . ..

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          To the best of my knowledge, it has ALWAYS been "Three-Buck" Chuck in Mass. It's still TWO-Buck Chuck in California.

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            And if we had it in PA I'll bet it would be Four Buck Chuck. Heh. In Ohio, where we bought some once, it's $3.39. Or it was then, a couple years ago I think since we last did that. It was, at the time, the highest price. Midwest and eastern US prices are due mainly to shipping. Ohio vs Mass price is probably due to taxes.

            TJ's is hardly the only player in this. In WV a while back, I saw a similar product, wine in regular 750ml bottles with plainish labels and corks, for about 3 bucks. The kicker: it was in RIte-Aid. Seriously. Did a quick search, I believe the label is called Five Oaks, a house brand just as Charles Shaw is at TJ's. I'm sure it's produced exactly the same way, with surplus grapes that will vary in quality from batch to batch (let alone vintage to vintage).

            1. re: CrazyOne

              Bronco has LOTS of labels . . .

              Albertoni Vineyards
              Alexander and Fitch
              Almond Creek
              Bad Dog Ranch
              Bears' Lair
              Black Mountain
              CC Vineyards
              Cedar Brook
              Charles Shaw, AKA Two Buck Chuck
              Chateau California
              Coastal Ridge
              Coastal Vines
              Congress Springs
              Crane Lake
              Domaine Laurier
              Domaine Napa
              Dona Sol
              Douglass Hill
              Down Under
              Fat Cat
              Forest Glen
              Forest Hill
              Grand Cru
              Grove Ridge
              Harlow Ridge
              JW Morris
              JFJ Winery
              Napa Creek
              Napa Crossing
              Napa Landing
              Napa Ridge
              Napa River
              Oak Vineyards
              Pacific Oasis
              Quail Creek
              Quail Ridge
              Raymond Hill
              Rock Brook
              Rutherford Vintners
              Salmon Creek
              Santa Barbara Crossing
              Santa Barbara Landing
              Sea Ridge
              Silver Ridge
              The California Winery
              Thousand Oaks
              Three Knights Vineyards

      2. yes...it's pretty bad. If you are going to purchase wine at Trader Joe's I recommend choosing something else. They generally have much better wine on the shelf for $10-15 a bottle.

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          Well for 5x to 7.5x as much, I would hope the $10-$15 wine is much better! If you ask me, Two Buck Chuck is sort of like the Motel 6 of the wine world.

          1. re: monkuboy

            "Two Buck Chuck is sort of like the Motel 6 of the wine world"

            Good analogy. I would also say the comparison of 3$ Chuck to what one would call a decent wine is like comparing generic "cola" to Coke/Pepsi or popov vodka to Grey Goose/Stoli.

        2. Search the Wine Board (where this will probably get moved to anyhow). There are lots of threads about TBC.

          1. Charles Shaw wines are terrible. Agree with others who say it's better to spend a bit more for a better wine. With all the hype, I tried a few different varietals a few years ago and had to pour the contents down the drain... undrinkable. So for me it was a waste of $3 per... but a good learning experience.

            1. Two buck Chuck is 1.99 a bottle in California. I have sure paid more and had less quality. I live in Canada where even the "cheap " stuff is at least $8 0r $9 bucks.

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                Certainly agree that there are many other "undrinkable" wines priced a lot higher than $2. 2BC is what it is... a brilliant marketing phenomenon.

              2. Yes, our opinion is don't get it...worst headache ever. We went to a graduation party and were served this rocket fuel and both wound up with horrible headaches, and we did not over drink.

                1. I quit buying wine at TJ's, it was to expensive!!!

                  I usually bought four bottles and had to dump two or three as undrinkable. That raised the price of the survivor to a pricey level. Better to buy a good drinkable bottle to begin with that hope for the best at TJ's. There is a reason wine makers sell their crap to TJ's for cheap, it is swill!!!

                  1. it's ok for poaching pears, that's about it

                    1. It sucks . . . at least to MY taste buds. Then again, obviously TJ's sells a lot of it, so there MUST be people somewhere who LOVE the stuff!

                      No one I know does, however.

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                      1. re: zin1953

                        Thanks for all the feedback everybody.

                        1. re: zin1953

                          It's like books - people buy it to give to others or take somewhere..

                          1. re: monkuboy

                            Maybe it's just me, but if I were to buy TBC, I'd drink it home alone...in my closet...with the door shut...and all the lights off. ..with a blanket over myself. I certainly wouldn't give it to someone OR take it anywhere. :)

                            1. re: invinotheresverde

                              Yes, we sell a lot of it because it's cheap, BUT It's Not Good. A few months ago at a tasting, the Cab was much better than the Merlot, which isn't saying much and the "award winning" Chard was bleh. If I'm going for cheap/inexpensive, I'd rather spend the extra $1-2 and get a Bear's Lair or even better $3 on the lovely Epicuro series from Italy. (BTW, I heard from another grocery insider that CS reformulates their batches every six months)

                              1. re: BigWoodenSpoon

                                >>> I'd rather spend the extra $1-2 and get a Bear's Lair <<<
                                Same producer.

                                >>> (BTW, I heard from another grocery insider that CS reformulates their batches every six months) <<<

                                One does not "reformulate" -- that sounds like it's some chemical formula being modified. Charles Shaw certainly does bottle multiple lots per vintage (fact, not guesswork), and one lot may be substantially different than another -- even though there will be no indication on the wine label itself. (You can tell from the bottling dates which appear on the boxes, however.)

                        2. Awful! - for a few bucks more most TJ's have decent and drinkable, affordable wine in stock!

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                            Just spend $5 for Columbia Crest Two Vine Series wines. The wines are superior to Two Buck and cost a few more dollars. At least you know the juice is from a reliable source.

                            Two Buck is juice that will be dumped and they buy it for next to nothing and add oak chips to give it flavor.

                            1. re: wineglas

                              I'm not a TBC fan but I've been told (by people who would seem to have reason to know) that Bronco grows much of their own fruit for this label. I don't really care myself, but I'd be interested in knowing the source of info to the contrary. The company is growing a lot of grapes on the 35,000 acres it has in operation.

                              I'd line up in the camp of those who feel it's a reasonably decent $5-$7 wine for $2-$3. Personally, I have rarely found a $5-$7 wine worth drinking, though I did just clean out a couple of local TJs of a $5.99 Mendocino Sauv Blanc I've seen elsewhere for $15+. Totally different thing though.

                              1. re: wineglas

                                How right you are, Wineglas! Every Columbia Crest wine I have imbibed has been extremely quaff-able. Quite the bargain. The last time I actually tried Two Buck Chuck was at the party of a realtor. We won't be purchasing anything from her.

                            2. 2BC Cab has been my pa-in-law's house wine since it came out, but he's 86 and still smoking. AND cheap. I can drink it, but then I can drink anything that isn't sweet or hasn't gone skanky; it's not bad with burgers. The Sauvignon blanc is a perfectly good refreshing beverage, I think.

                              Have to say that I'd rather drink something thin than murky, which is why I avoid merlots and shirazes. The 2BC versions of these are on the border of being worse than no wine at all.

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                              1. re: Will Owen


                                >>> Have to say that I'd rather drink something thin than murky, which is why I avoid merlots and shirazes. <<<

                                Can you explain what you mean by "murky"? I don't understand this comment.

                                1. re: zin1953

                                  It's a tongue thing: a good pinot noir is tasted mostly around the edges, and what impinges on the middle of the tongue is clear and bright, aromatic but not fatty. Nice zins do that, too. Merlot and shiraz are heavy all the way across, and I find them tiresome for that, especially merlot. Cabernets are also full, but their spiciness keeps them from being dull.