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Dec 7, 2008 07:47 PM

Need Ideas for Cheese Themed Party

We are hosting Christmas Eve this year at my house and wanted to do a fun theme. We love cheese, so...that's the theme. Am trying to find a variety of appetizer/party food ideas that will give a good variety. Am looking for high brow (cabrales flan) to low brow (cheese balls), including sweets and savories. Any ideas welcome!

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  1. I don't know if this would be appropriate for your Christmas Eve party, but, we had a Grilled Cheese Sandwich party this past Summer. It was a great deal of fun and Chowhound folks supplied plenty of wonderful ideas. I would love to do this again now that it's cold weather.

    1. Mac-n-cheese with various "mix ins"
      cheese straws
      cheese fondue
      various kinds of cheesecakes for dessert
      (mmm, where's my lactaid...)

      1. Cheese fondue is always a huge favourite of mine. :) I usually substitute cider for wine in it.

        Grilled cheese sandwiches made with a high quality bread and variety of different, high brow cheeses, is a big step above american cheese (or velveeta) on Wonder bread (that I grew up with, and still love ;P Grilled velveeta with campbell's cream of tomato soup is still the ultimate comfort food for when I'm feeling down or ill). Alton Brown has some recipes for grilled cheese that are an interesting change on the "normal" way some folks make 'em. :)

        Quiches are good. I have a "sausage pie" recipe that's basically a cheesy quiche made with hot italian sausage. :) It was a Nana recipe. :) Bless her heart.

        1. -Mini kobe beef "sliders" topped with your favorite cheese(maytag blue/gorgonzola/smoked gouda, etc)
          -lobster or truffle mac and cheese
          -love the grown up grilled cheese-sourdough 3 types cheese cut in 1/4's
          -I also second the fondue idea-can dip fun things
          -you can also do fried mac and cheese balls
          -goat cheese and fig flatbread with balsamic reduction
          -homemade cheese crisps-parmigiano reggiano(if you make these into a cup you can fill them with tomato,basil garlic
          -Bocconcini,olive,artichoke, sundried tomato skewer
          -pierogie(sorry for spelling!)with potato and aged vermont cheddar. sour cream dip
          -you can make a soup(obviously w/cheese) and serve it in shot glasses
          -of course a baked brie with apricots or nuts or savory w/sundried tomato-pine nuts