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Dec 7, 2008 07:05 PM

Sundays at Chow with George: Vancouver

Okay not with George but with the P2s and the SO for a pre-Christmas treat. We're booked in this Sunday at 6:30 for the special $38 3-course dindin and I hear wine at cost (!). Most psyched to try this resto that I have been ogling for some time. Props to Peter Green on eGullet for inspiring me to make this happen. Will post after we go but thought I should mention this in case anyone else wanted to make a reso. It's only available till the end of December.

PS I'm not sure if this is the same menu that is available between 5 and 6 pm generally...

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  1. When I heard that they were offer wine at cost (!) I almost fell off my chair.

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      I don't know if Mum confirmed that when she made the reso and it's not on their website but tres cool if true...