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Dec 7, 2008 05:32 PM

X-Mas Tipping- Chinatown [moved from Manhattan board]

We frequent one place for dim sum on a regular basis, although we tip each time I think we should also give a bit extra for X-mas. Anyone have a clue what the right tips would be for the waitress and the women who wheel the carts around?

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  1. Those ladies make very little anything extra would be greatly appreciated even $5 or $10 for each of your favorites.

    1. Well....its an original question for a tipping thread, I'll give you that.

      The range of possibilities here is truly wide. How about, totally off the top of my head, the equivalent of two visits' worth of a tip? For no good reason, I'm just picking a number to multiply by. Or give everyone $10 or $20.

      How regularly do you eat there? Do you know how tips are handled normally by the restaurant in question? Do they pool and divvy them up? Does only the waiter or waitress get the tips?

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        We eat there about once a month. It seems that the waitresses pool the tips, but I'm not sure if that trickles down to the cart handlers. Some of them have gotten to recognize us and always make sure we get the things we like even if they have to skip over a table or two in front of us. I thought about $10 for them and $20 for the waitresses who usually take care of us.

      2. I tip my favorite Chinatown favorites around the Lunar New Year but Christmas works just as well. As you suggest $10 is perfectly fine with $20 being very magnanimous. It should be an even dollared amount for propitious occasions.

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        1. re: scoopG

          Thanks for the even number fact and glad to have confirmation of the amounts as well.