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Dec 7, 2008 04:57 PM

Christmas Eve Dinner in Vienna

My family is spending Christmas week in Vienna. I've pulled all sorts of great recommendations for local cuisine from the board, but I still need somewhere to go Christmas Eve, when most of the restaurants are closed. I'm looking for moderately priced, so the fancy buffet at my hotel is out. Any suggestions? Are there any good restaurants in Chinatown that might be open?

Thank you!

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  1. Wien has a Chinatown?

    I took my suppliers to this chinese resto and they told me it was the best chinese food they had on their trip through Europe:

    Not sure if they are Open Christmas Eve.

    His places are open Christmas Eve.

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      Vienna has not Chinatown, but a lot of Asian restaurants, and some might be open. The Sichuan is a good choice, other upscale Asian places are

      Chinese: Goldene Zeiten, Zum kaiserlichen Thron

      Japanese: Unkai (at Grand Hotel), Tenmaya, Yugetsu

      You will have less luck with Mörwald, his only place inside Vienna was a very expensive restaurant at Hotel Ambassador and closed recently. All other places are outside of Vienna.