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Dec 7, 2008 04:56 PM

Playa Chacala

My foodie family and I are considering heading to Playa Chacala for a week this January (about 60 miles out of Puerto Vallarta). Can anyone recommend some great food for our trip?

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  1. By far your best option is to hire a local cook through your vacation rental agent.

    > The nearest decent restaurant town is Guayabitos... but don't expect anything fancy, it caters to domestic travelers seeking refuge from the high prices of PV etc... serving up straight forward Seafood dishes with high quality local ingredients (Coconuts, Mangoes etc.,)

    > Don't get suckered into the Faux-Gourmet resort food marketed towards the ignorant tourists that want Brie & Micro Greens everywhere they go etc.,

    > You will probably find very good Italian food - as one of your best non-Mexican alternatives... but stay away from ingredients that intuitively would be hard to source.

    For local specialties in a short radius:

    > Playa Miramar to slurp freshly caught oysters early in the morning or have Ground Shrimp & Carrot ceviche tostadas

    > In Guayabitos the fisherman bring in the daily catch mid morning... the local hotels provide outdoor rental kitchenettes where you can cook yourself or hire a local to do so. A big regional specialty are the Shrimp tamales with Palm oil, wrapped in Palm leaves.

    > I haven't been... but my relatives (who spend 20+ weekends a year in Guayabitos) tell me the restaurant at the Four Seasons is very good for casual elegant regional dining and in San Blas they like El Defin.