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Dec 7, 2008 04:31 PM

Portland Rose Quarter Happy Hour/Brewpubs

My father and I will be taking the train down from Seattle on Tuesday the 23rd to get our NBA fix and are wondering where the best place to grab a beer and a bite is before the Blazers game we will have no car so within walking distance of the arena or short cab ride would be preferred.

Phoenix AZ

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    Search Old Town, Downtown, and Pearl District on this site.

    Your best bet is something on the MAX route downtown, where you can take it (or a #8/77/10/33 bus) to the game for free.

    I suggest happy hours at East India Co., Paddy's, Southpark, Green Papaya, Kenny & Zuke's, Clyde Common, McCormick & Schmick's (all these previously mentioned are on the MAX!), Ten01, Fenouil, Oba, Olea, & Teardrop Lounge.

    For brewpub either Deschutes in the Pearl district
    or Widmer

    1. What I would do is grab a drink at a bar that's on the MAX line which will allow you to just hop on the train to cross the river over for the game.

      Leonardo's urbandrinks link should be your guide for such a game plan.

      1. Hi Brian,

        The Amtrak station is right next to the Broadway Bridge, and the other side of that bridge is the Rose Garden... so you're pretty close to the game if you stay near the Amtrak station. The bridge isn't very long, so you can walk across rather easily. It's probably half a mile from Amtrak to the arena.

        A few places in the area are BridgePort, Deschutes, Leonardo's, Silk, On Deck, and Life of Riley. There's even a bar/restaurant in the Amtrak station, but I've never been there. All the places Leonardo mentioned are great.

        1. Guys, thanks for the tips we booked a room at the Crown Plaza next to the Arena, trip should be great. Probably check out Deschutes Brew Pub love their Mirror Pond has anybody been to the Brew Pub there?

          Thanks again,

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            The new Deschutes pub is a great looking space. Timber lodge meets warehouse; exactly the style of decor I like in the Pearl (not trying to be ironic here, I really think the Pearl needs to better wrap itself around its trainyard roots). Food is so-so but I like the beer. They might even have cask-strength stuff.

          2. Wilf's is right in the Union Station and is a bit of a Portland landmark. Not sure if their dining and entertainment hours would fit your schedule, but it's an idea.