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Dec 7, 2008 03:40 PM

Dinner for 8 guys on new years eve, early 20s foodies

I am going to be in NYC for New Years, and I am in charge of organizing a dinner for 8 guys. We are in our early 20s (seniors in college) and all have a strong appreciation for good food. While some may enjoy larger portions in lieu of the perfectly balanced dish, all of us are relatively adventurous eaters who really enjoy a good meal. Any suggestions for a great restaurant that we could still get a reservation for new years eve? We are pretty flexible with neighborhoods and our budget is $75 per person with drink(s). Atmosphere doesn't need to be super upscale, nor does it need to cater to the frat boy. Thanks for the suggestions.

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  1. Peter Lugers Steakhouse in Brooklyn-worth the trip!!!

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      We would like to stay in Manhattan. I have been to Peter Luger, and yes I agree that it's worth the trip.

    2. Allen & Delancey? Without a ton of alcohol this could be done for 75 per person. Given the age range I think it would work well (i'm not THAT much older). I haven't been in a while and hear the chef has changed but I haven't heard that it's gone down hill as a result. Also, this would keep you away from the midtown annoyances. I would definitely stay downtown.

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        While I would really like to try Allen and Delancey, I think it's slightly out of our price range. In terms of price range, I think the menu (in terms of pricing not necessarily menu) at Giorgio's of Gramercy or even Perila looked about the right price point. We will probably be drinking a good amount as well so that will be a significant part of the $75pp.

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          A Voce maybe then? When I've gone there wit ha group of people we usually get one main per person and the apps/pasta we split depending on how hungry we are. I don't think I've spent more than 70 per person there. A little loud, but its new years eve so i guess that could add to the festive atmosphere.

        1. Irving Mill. Especially if you like pork.

          1. has a list of NYE rrestaurants - easiest way to see what fits your budget. Good luck!

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              How about BLUE RIBBON? Always good and a fun place!

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                I like Blue Ribbon a lot. I have actually been there twice, fortunately. Incredible Bone Marrow. Just would like to try something different.

                What do you all think of crispo?

                1. re: craft21

                  Crispo has a lovely atmosphere and the staff are great - unfortunately the food is totally over-rated in my opinion...

                  1. re: craft21

                    I like Crispo and have actually spent New Year's Eve there. Large portions of good food and no set menu for NYE (at least not a couple of years ago).