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Dec 7, 2008 03:27 PM

Recipe for the rice at Colbeh? [moved from Kosher board]

Does anyone know how to do the orange and green rice they serve at Colbeh?

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  1. Pollo is the term for Persian rice with meat. Here's how I replicate the orange rice.

    Cook rice as ususal. Persian rice recipes usually have instructions for soaking and rinsing, etc - you can try if adventurous.

    As for the orange part, take the zest of one orange. Boil in small pan, drain, then boil again. (to remove bitterness). Drain again, then add 1 cup of sugar and a few drops of water. Add some chicken soup mix...about 1 tsp. make into an orangy-sauce. Now combine with the cooked rice. You can add the almonds if you like them.