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Dec 7, 2008 03:21 PM

2.99 live crab at New Wing Yuan today

Wanted to post a new topic and not add to the old since this maybe a one day sale.

New Wing Yuan Market
1139 North Lawrence Expressway
Sunnyvale, CA

They are selling lively crabs for 2.99 a lb. All crabs are about 2 pounds each.

The cheapest price I have seen this year.

They had at least one full tank and maybe a little more in a tank which did not have a glass face.

Go soon. Will not last I purchase four and others were in line buy a lot.

I was there to buy flap meat stew for a beef stew noodle soup, but that is for another day.

New Wing Yuan Market
1139 N Lawrence Expy, Sunnyvale, CA

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Haven't been there, could you please tell us more about the market itself? Is it a supermarket, pan-Asian, smaller store, or?

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        It a located in a old small Safeway store. This the old New Castro Market in Mountain View. Good vegetables, fish and meats. A decent size supermarket.

        The crabs were about two pounds each and very lively and fresh. Tasted great.

        A decent selection of Chinese and Southeast Asia goods. A small 99 Ranch without the cooked foods. The staff are Vietnamese/.Chinese, very nice and helpful. Special request are cheerfully do for you.

        But the canned goods are slimmer than before\, but vegetables, fish and meat are still good.

        1. re: yimster

          Thanks, I just figured out that this is the market next to Hong Kong Saigon Seafood restaurant. I think the store has changed names since I was last there a few years ago.

          Long ago, this location was part of the local Dick's Supermarket chain. We're related to the Yee family that owned it.

      2. Hi Yimster, I should I have to New Wing Yuan instead. Went to Lion Market on Saratoga yesterday and it was completely mobbed. $2.99/lb also. By the time my # was called there were only 6 left. Definitely not the pick of the litter, but still alive. A co-worker went to Marina Foods in Cupertino and said they were selling for $2.69/lb for very lively 2 pounders.

        Marina Food
        10122 Bandley Dr, Cupertino, CA

        Lion Food Center
        471 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, CA

        1. Was at New Wing Yaun noon Friday. Crab was $2.99/lb. They were running out. On the third attempt, I managed to get a feisty one, albiet under 2 lbs. (Market guy not happy with me when I rejected the first two because they had missing legs)

          Returned to New Wing Yaun again on Monday noon and they now had the two top tanks completely full and presumably the third tank on the ground also full ( no windows to see through). They got a large shipment of crabs sometime between Friday noon and Sunday afternoon. Asked the man about the souce of the crabs. He said local and Washington, but when I displayed skepticism about any local crabs, he backed off and admitted they were Washinton crabs.

          Tuesday morning, crab in one tank at Marina, Foster City was 3.49/lb and advertised as "Cailifornia Crab!" (is that a ploy to get an extra 50 cents/lb?) Same morning, 99 Ranch, Mountain View crab was 2.99/lb with two full tanks.

          Interestingly, New Wing Yaun had more crabs than some of the bigger markets!