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What to do with canned salmon?

I don't know what I was thinking when I got them, and I have 4 cans of them. TIA!

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  1. Salmon salad ( like tuna slad), salmon in a cream sauce with peas served on top of toast; salmon croquettes (do a search on this board and you will find a recent post with recipes).

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      That sounds like the belt-tightening cuisine (WWII) I grew up eating, except that it was cheap, oily salmon parts best suited for cat food.

      But if it's the better grade that's out there nowadays at places like Costco, I think it can be substituted for canned tuna in any recipe where she won't mind the stronger flavor.

    2. Sandwiches, instead of tuna. I mix the salmon with mayo and lemon juice, add capers and minced red onion.

      1. A third suggestion for salmon salad - make it just as you would your favorite tuna salad. ! think you'll like it better than tuna!

        1. Tis the season! Do an "old fashioned" salmon party ball. Here's a link to choose a recipe, or mix and match. Serve w/crackers.

          I haven't thought about these in years, but I remember them being pretty tasty. Just be sure to pick the black out of the salmon as it carries a pretty strong and unappealing flavor, not to mention it's just plain unattractive.


          1. somewhere in a notebook, I have a recipe for salmon mousse that calls for canned salmon, chopped cucumber, gelatin, lemon, dill, etc and it was quite good. I will check to see if I can find it.

            The creamed Salmon with peas was refered to as Salmon Wiggle when I was growing up, No idea why, but it did make us eat it.

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                Not a chance in hell, mine was molded into a discrete round and tasted great.

            1. Salmon quenelles or salmon-cakes. Adam

              1. I have an awesome recipe for a yummy and easy salmon loaf that calls for mayo, lemon juice, rice, onion, celery and a few other things, mixed together & baked for about half an hour. It's a real staple here at my place. I could post it here if you'd like it, just let me know.

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                  Intriguing suggestions everyone, and kpzoo I'd love to see a recipe. I actually got the salmon from Costco so it's the skinless kind. It'll be awhile before I'll make anything, but I'll definitely post back here to share my results. Thanks again everyone!

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                    Oooh skinless, that's a luxury. I hate de-boning canned salmon!

                    Here's the loaf recipe, enjoy:

                    Salmon Loaf

                    1 16 oz. tin salmon (or several smaller tins)
                    1/2 c. mayonnaise
                    1 1/2 c. cooked rice (I use basmati but any long-grain rice is fine)
                    3 tbsp. lemon juice
                    2 beaten eggs
                    1/2 tsp salt or to taste
                    1 tbsp. chopped parsley
                    2 tbsp. grated onion (or 1 tsp. onion powder if you prefer)
                    1/2 c. chopped celery
                    optional: other chopped fresh herbs like oregano or tarragon

                    In a large bowl, break the salmon into small bits. Add rest of ingredients.

                    Place in greased dish and bake for 45-50 min. in 350F oven.

                    Optional: Mix some tomato sauce with 1/2 c. milk and top the loaf with the sauce.

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                      deboning salmon: My grandmother (and mother) made salmon croquettes regularly, and if I were around, I got to eat the salmon bones. delish.

                2. Yes, my vote would be for Salmon Patties or croquettes - I cook mine in a cupcake tin (mini loafs) because they transport nicely and freeze really well. A nice lemon cream sauce to drizzle over.

                  I also grew up with Salmon Loaf (just like meatloaf but salmon) and of course the right herbs and addeds (capers, dill, red onion).

                  I recently made a wonderful salmon ball, with crackers. I actually got the recipe on Chowhound - thank you to whomever!!!

                  1. Salmon cakes, like crab cakes, are tasty and healthy(maybe even more so than crab), especially if you use lite mayo in the recipe

                    1. If it's high quality, like Natural Sea brand (Mmmm!), then I just put it on some salad greens, with a lemony vinaigrette. Another great option is to do a simple pasta salad, with a lemon dressing, capers, some blanched veggies, and the salmon.

                      Oooh, and omelets with salmon and some fresh herbs, some mild goat cheese, and some whole grain toast. I'm making myself hungry. :)


                      1. Make a salmon loaf en croute - inside puff pastry. It was a recipe I saw eons ago and I remember if being very tasty.

                        1. I mash it into cream cheese along with come finely shopped red onions and serve it with crackers. You can toss a little fresh dill or some capers in as well. My mom used to make it with liquid smoke--poor man's smoked salmon.

                          1. if i'm in a pinch and need a quick dinner, i'll use canned salmon and fry it up with sweet potatoes to make a hash, top with a poached egg and a roasted poblano hollandaise and you have a quick yummy din!

                            1. My mom used to make salmon croquettes from canned salmon. Drain the salmon and remove the skin and the largest of the bones. Put the salmon into the food processor with an egg or two, depending on how much salmon you've got). Remove from the food processor, add some flour, s&p and grated or chopped onion. Form into patties and fry in vegetable oil until brown on both sides.

                              1. I once had the same exact problem...I have no idea why I bought them, but after a few searches, I found this recipe for Wasabi Salmon Cakes:
                                Not the most elegant thing, but quite tasty and just about everything is a pantry item for me. The wasabi really adds something...now I even add some to my tuna salad when I make it!

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                                  Is this a Canada / US thing??? I live in Toronto, and eat salmon sandwiches from canned salmon 3-4 times a month (wild Red Sockeye salmon in broth with skin & bones). I just crush up the bones and skin into the meat with a fork, add a chopped up green onion, salt, pepper, and a couple Tbsp's of vinegar; on to fresh bread with a leaf of lettuce... a great lunchtime treat.

                                  When my cousins from the US visit they ask for these sandwiches, because in their area canned salmon is not readily available and when it is, the cost is too high just to make a sandwich (or two).

                                  What gives? here it's cheap and plentiful, and it would seem in every pantry.


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                                    I grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and salmon sandwiches were a staple. And now I live in the city and always keep a can in the cupboard for a quick meal.

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                                      My mother did the Salmon as you do, but used regular onion instead with a bit of parsley served on it's own with a potao salad or devilled eggs. Delicious, and , yes, Sockeye is best.

                                  2. I use them for fishcakes. Mash some potatoes (don't add any liquid), then add chopped dill, parsley, capers, the salmon and some spring onion. Shape into patties, then dip in flour, egg, breadcrumbs and then back into the egg and into the breadcrumbs for an extra thick and crunchy layer. Panko breadcrumbs also work well. Fry the fish cakes in hot oil until the breadcrumbs are golden brown and crispy.

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                                      jfood's Salmon Croquettes are really good. Do a search on this site for jfood's Salmon Croquettes.

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                                        I do one of three things with canned salmon: 1) salmon salad 2) wholegrain pasta salad with canned salmon, celery, onion, carrot, zucchini, bell pepper, dill, parsley, yogurt and capers, with some extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice and zest 3) Asian flavoured salmon patties (ginger, green onion, garlic, chile, bell pepper, toasted sesame oil, egg, bread crumbs, chile-garlic sauce, such as Sriracha. They're very nice. They can be made in a nonstick pan with just a bit of oil for a healthy salmon patty.

                                      2. Salmon Patties! Salmon Patties! I always have canned salmon on hand just so I can whip up some of my “world famous” salmon patties! Served with Brussell sprouts and fluffy corn cakes, it’s one of my favorite comfort meals...

                                        I was gonna post my “world famous” recipe, but I see the one hollow_legs posted is basically the same! Shucks...so much for world fame...lol.

                                        1. Epicurious has a great - and very popular - deviled salmon cake recipe. Made it once a couple years ago, and it was great but totally forgot about it- thanks for reminding me, and just in time to fit my "must eat more fish" resolutions.